Mightycause’s Pro subscription allows organizations to import and manage supporter records into their Supporters system on Mightycause. This allows you to connect your offline and online data for better visibility and management. In addition, you can message, tag, and update supporters through our easy to use interface. This article will provide you with guidelines for creating or importing your supporter’s contact information.

There are two ways for you to add supporters on Mightycause:


Mightycause’s supporter system is designed to be simple yet flexible. In order to maintain data integrity, we utilize the primary email address of your supporter as their unique identifier. When adding or importing a supporter we will check if the primary email address already exists in our system. If you are importing data you can choose to update or skip any existing records.

Additionally, we rely on the following supporter roles to classify your supporter in the system. These roles can be manually assigned as well but we will populate them for you as follows:

  • Donor: has made donation via Mightycause to your organization via any of your fundraising pages
  • Organizer: has created a team or fundraiser campaign via the Mightycause platform for your organization
  • Recurring Donor: has an active, recurring donation setup via Mightycause
  • Offline Donor: has an offline donation reported via their supporter profile
  • Grantor: (Coming Soon) has offered a matching grant via your campaigns on Mightycause
  • Volunteer: has registered as a volunteer via the volunteer opportunities system on Mightycause
  • Fund Holder: has a DAF account with your organization and can make advisements to other nonprofit organizations

Manually create an individual supporter

To create a supporter, navigate to the main Supporters dashboard. In the top right you will find the button to add a new supporter: 

Enter your supporter’s information. You will be able to add and edit additional information on the next step. All supporters in Mightycause require an email address and at least one role. The email address must be unique and not already in existence in our system. We do support the use of secondary email addresses once you have created your supporter.

Once your record is created you may click “Edit Record” to update additional fields and data for your supporter via their supporter profile.

Import a list of supporters

If you are importing or need to create several supporters, we support list importing via a CSV (comma separated value) file. We recommend using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to create and edit your import file. You can download a sample file to get started.

Here are a few tips to help you with importing your file:

  • All fields headings listed in row 1 of the sample CSV file must remain intact and unaltered. Changing these columns headings will cause your import to fail.
  • Fields in the table below are marked if required. Any non-required field can be left blank and will not remove data if updating data.
  • We recommend running your import with the “Update Data” option turned off to test your import. This will create new records and tell you if you records exiting in the system. We are not able to reverse an import after it has been completed so its vital to double check your data.
  • The imported file must match and conform to the requirements stated below in the field list.
First NameYes
Last NameYes
EmailYesMust be unique email unless updating existing record
Secondary EmailDoes not need to be unique to this record
Street Address
Apt No.
Postal code
Phone TypeMust be "home", "office", or "other"
PhoneMust be 10 digits with no special characters. I.e. "5551231234"
NotesLimited to 5,000 characters
GenderSupports various gender type formats based on following formula: "{Gender_Name};{Is_Transgender?};{Other_text}". Each parameter is separated by a semi-colon (;) and only Gender_Name is needed in order to save. Gender_Name can be "Man", "Woman", "Non-Conforming", or "Other". If "Other" you may optionally supply "Other_text" to specify.

Example Values:
"Woman": Records gender as Woman
"Man": Records gender as Man
"Man;true": Records gender as Man, transgender
"Other;true;Agender": Records gender as Other, transgender with text "Agender"
AgeMust be a whole number / integer
RolesYesMust include at least one role. May include multiple roles by separating with a semi-colon (;). Valid roles include: Organizer;Donor;Recurring Donor;Offline Donor;Grantor;Volunteer;Fund Holder