A guide to using Mightycause’s donor engagement tools to grow your online community and cultivate relationships with your supporters

Mightycause was founded on a belief in the incredible power of community, and our platform was designed to make it easy for your nonprofit organization to engage and build your online community. Here’s a guide to using the tools Mightycause has provided.

Donor engagement tools on your organization page

Your organization page is the hub of your nonprofit’s presence on Mightycause. This is an evergreen page where you can collect donations year-round, make decisions for your nonprofit on Mightycause that will apply to fundraisers and project pages, manage your donations and more.

To access the tools listed, simply visit your organization page while logged in as an Organization Admin. You can then visit the donor experience section of your donation settings:

Checkout customization

This is located in the “Donor Experience” tab of the Donation section on the Mightycause Manager.

While this is a key section that contains important options for your nonprofit on Mightycause, the one that has to do with donor engagement is the ability to enable dedications and designations. Dedications are enabled by default, and are usually popular with donors.

An important thing to note about dedications is that it does add an extra step for the donors when checking out, so if it’s important for your donors to be able to make a donation with as few steps as possible, you may not want to opt into donation comments.

To add a designation option to your checkout, you can select that option as well under “Dedications and Designations”. Designations allow you to specify several options for donors to designate their donation.


Each donor on Mightycause will be emailed a receipt and acknowledgement of their donation from Mightycause, but you can make it more meaningful by adding a custom donation message from your nonprofit to this email.

Thank You page: After completing checkout, your donors will be taken to a custom thank you page. You can add text, images, embed videos, and more. You will find these settings under “Post-Checkout” in your Donor Experience settings.

Written thank you message: We recommend that all nonprofits on Mightycause add a written thank you message to donors. To write a message, just type it into the box under “Email & Receipt Customization”, further down in your donor experience settings.


Updates on Mightycause allow you to post news to your page, and send a message to all of your supporters on Mightycause at once. When you post an update to your organization page on Mightycause, it will send an email with your update to all of your donors on Mightycause. So this can be a great way to announce a new campaign or rally your supporters to donate during a critical time.

To post an update, go to the “Updates” tab on the page editor section of your Mightycause Manager. You’ll see a history of past Updates for your organization and the option to add a new Update.

Click “Start New Update” to begin posting your Update.

When you’re done, click “Post” to post the Update to your page and trigger an email to all of your past donors.


Under the settings tab in the manager, you can find social sharing options as well as other customizations. This is an important area for donor engagement! Here are the tools currently available to you in this tab.

URL Customization: This is your organization page’s URL on Mightycause, with a special code at the end that will help us determine how a user got to your page. You can use this code on social media, in emails, newsletters, and more.

Social Sharing: Selecting the customize button for this option allows to select the image and text shown in a preview of your organization on social media. There are several options here:

Matching Grants

One of the most powerful motivators for donors is being able to get more bang for their buck with a matching grant. If your nonprofit has secured a matching grant, you can enter it on your organization page to alter your donors that you have an active matching grant. It will display right above the “Donate” button on your organization page.

Learn more about matching grants on Mightycause!

Donation widget

There is code for a new donation widget on your organization’s page, found under the Profile tab, in “Page Settings”. Clicking on “Embed Options” will give you options for a donation widget:

First, you’ll need to choose the type of widget you’d like to use.

Widget with direct donate: People will be able to complete a donation from the widget, without leaving the page where you’ve embedded it. The widget itself is secure, even if your website or blog is not.

Facebook page: This will install a Facebook “app” that puts a “Donate” button on your page and allows people to complete donations from our widget. This doesn’t work for Facebook profiles — you will need a Facebook brand page in order to install this widget.

Widget: This creates a widget that links to your Mightycause page. People cannot donate from this widget, but it will take them to your Mightycause page where they can read your full story and complete a donation.

Button: This generates a “Donate” button that links to your Mightycause page.

Once you’ve chosen the type of widget you’d like to use, you can copy and paste the code below to add it to your website or blog.

Donor engagement tools on your project pages

A “project page” on Mightycause is a fundraiser started by a nonprofit admin. Because these pages are set up a bit differently, you have a few different tools to use (though some of these tools are also present on your organization page).

“Liking” donations and comments

Next to each comment and donation on a fundraiser page, you will see a little heart. When you click the heart, you “like” that comment or donation, and trigger an email to the donor/commenter.

The “like” feature can be used to show your donors and commenters some extra love, as well as send them back to your page to either make another donation, leave a comment, or share on social media. (The email we send contains a link back to your page.)

Learn more about the options available on a project page!

If you have questions about engaging donors on Mightycause or any of the donor engagement tools on Mightycause, contact us at support@mightycause.com.