What are organizer tips? Learn all about organizer tips, how they work, and how to collect them!

Mightycause is all about empowering everyday philanthropists to make a difference in the world, and we have designed a feature called Organizer Tips with that in mind.

Organizer Tips allow you to earn extra cash while raising money for charity. Running a fundraiser can be incredibly fun, but it can also require a lot of time and energy. Organizer Tips give donors the option of adding extra money onto their donation as gratuity for all the thought and hard work you’ve put into your fundraiser.

Here’s everything you need to know about opt into or out of Organizer Tips, redeeming them, or donating them back to charity.

How to tell if Organizer Tips are turned on

By default, all charitable fundraisers are opted out Organizer Tips, but you can opt in and confirm that Organizer Tips are turned off by logging into your Mightycause account, navigating to your fundraiser, and going to Settings on your dashboard.

When you’re in your page’s settings, scroll down to the 4th item on the page. That’s your Organizer Tips setting.

To turn on Organizer Tips, simple click the “Off” button to turn it “On.”

How to collect organizer tips

When you have Organizer Tips turned on, you’ll be able to manage your tips by going to the Donations tab on your sidebar, and selecting “Tips.”


You will be able to see the amount you’ve received in tips, as well as the names of the donors who left you a tip down below.

To collect your tips, click the button under “Tips Available.”

You can choose whether you’d like to receive all of the tips left for you, or whether you’d like to donate some of all of that amount back to your cause. Simply use the slider to tell us how much you’d like to keep and how much you’d like to donate back to your cause.

When you click “Distribute Tips,” you will receive an email from a company called Dwolla.

Mightycause has partnered with Dwolla to transfer tips into your bank account, so you will need to set up an account with them in order to receive your tips. To begin the process, click “Create your account” and follow the prompts.

Once you’re account is set up and your email address is verified, you will need to connect your bank account.

After you’ve added your bank account, you’ll see this screen:

And that’s it! You’ve set up your Dwolla account and should receive your tips within a few days.

Managing Organizer Tips on Mightycause

Back on your Mightycause fundraiser, on the Tips screen, you can see any Pending, Available, and Collected Organizer Tips in the Tips view of your Donors screen.

How the charity will receive the Organizer Tips you donate

If you choose to donate all or a portion of the tips you receive back to the charity you’re fundraising for, the charity will receive the funds in their regular disbursement from Mightycause. We don’t send Organizer Tips that were donated separately, they will just be added to their disbursement as an adjustment. That may not make sense to you, but rest assured the charity will know what that means and where to find your tips!

What donors to your page see when you have Organizer Tips turned on

When someone is making a donation to your page, they will see the option to add a tip for you at the end, before checking out.

By default, the tip amount is 15%, which is a standard tip amount in the United States. However, they can learn more about what Organizer Tips are and change the amount of their tip by clicking the pencil icon next to the amount of the tip.

First, they will see an explanation of Organizer Tips.

And if they click the arrow at the bottom of this explanation, they can change the amount of their tip.

Mightycause has made every attempt to make it clear to your donors what Organizer Tips are all about and how to change the amount of their tips if they wish, so you should feel confident that your donors understand what that extra amount of money was for and they left it for you intentionally!

Questions about Organizer Tips? Contact our friendly customer support staff at support@mightycause.com!

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