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GiveMN FAQs for Organizations

How do I find everything for my organization account on GiveMN.org?

Glad you asked! We’ve built a top-to-bottom walk-through for your organization here. You can also sign up for a live walk-through on September 5th, 2018 at 1:00pm CST. Register now for the live walk-through.


What happened to my organization page and donation data in the transition?

All of your data, donation history and the majority of your page content and images should have been transferred for you. We recommend visiting your organization’s Profile to see what’s new and to optimize your page with the new tools and features you have available to you.


How do I customize my organization’s Profile on GiveMN.org?

Your organization has access to lots of new features and tools to tell a powerful story right on your Profile. The most important fields to customize are your background image, your organization’s logo and your description, which has a handy editor allowing you to add formatting, images and videos right into your story! Access a detailed walk-through about optimizing your page here.


How can I access information about donations and disbursements?

From the Donations screen on your Dashboard, you can access all kinds of important donation-related information, including donation reports, disbursement history and settings, and a cool feature which allows you to customize the donor experience after they make a gift. Learn more here.


How do I manage administrators for my organization’s account?

If you are already an administrator for your organization on GiveMN.org, you can add as many other people as you need as admins in your GiveMN.org administrative area under Settings. You can also remove old admins that should no longer have access.


How do I change my organization’s address on GiveMN.org?

If you’re an administrator for your organization, you can request to update your legal address (where your disbursement checks will be sent) in your Dashboard under Settings.

In the meantime, you can manage the address displayed on your Organization page by visiting your Profile on the Dashboard, and then selecting ‘Page Editor.’ You can update the display address under the ‘Organization Information’ section, and then click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page. This will change the address displayed on your Organization page, but not the legal address to which disbursement checks are sent.


Can I receive disbursements via direct deposit?

Yes, and we highly encourage it! By signing up for EFT (direct deposit) disbursements, you can receive your disbursements faster and more often, minimize the chances of checks getting lost in the mail, and avoid a $5.00 paper check fee. In fact, with the new GiveMN and Mightycause partnership, you will receive disbursements via EFT two times each month, on or around the 10th and 25th of each month! And EFT disbursements do not incur any disbursement fees!

Signing up for EFT is quick and easy from your Dashboard, under Settings.


What are the eligibility requirements for my nonprofit to be on GiveMN.org?

GiveMN.org processes donations through the Mightycause Charitable Foundation, a Donor-Advised-Fund, that are then re-granted on to the advised organization. There are certain eligibility requirements in place to receive grants from a Donor Advised Fund. The organization must be a registered 501c3 that is public charity or private operating foundations, public school or faith-based organization. Private non-operating foundations are not eligible.

My organization is not verified on GiveMN.org, how can I get that reviewed?

Mightycause Charitable Foundation maintains the database of qualified organizations for GiveMN.org per IRS guidelines with regular imports to keep our records up to date. However, sometimes the IRS database is delayed or incorrect. In order to reactivate your page on GiveMN.org, we kindly request that you contact us at help@mightycause.com to provide us with the below documentation.  We will be glad to work with you to reactivate your page.

1)  A current IRS Letter of Determination – which states that your nonprofit is both registered as a 501(c)(3), and is a public charity or an operating, private foundation.


2) If you are a faith-based organization, please send us one of the options listed below:

  1. If you are a denominational faith-based organization:
    1.      Denominational listing (i.e. state letter for churches or listing on a national church directory).
    2.      EIN issuance letter from IRS
    3.      Year of establishment
  2. If you are a non-denominational independent church:
    1.      State registration letter showing state recognition as Church
    2.      EIN issuance letter from IRS
    3.      Year of establishment
  3. Other (or if above not available)
    1.      Sales & Use tax exemption issued by the State
    2.      EIN issuance letter from IRS
    3.      Year of establishment

Where can I get more support?

Looking for a little more help with online fundraising and GiveMN.org? Between Mightycause and the GiveMN team, we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of self-service and customer service resources below.

For technical or donation transaction help and questions about GiveMN.org:

Get technical and transaction self-service help immediately by visiting the Mightycause Support Library

Ask your technical questions or learn more about donation transactions and disbursements from a member of the Mightycause support team by emailing help@mightycause.com.

For questions about fundraising strategy, Give to the Max Day specifics, RaiseMN or other GiveMN programs:

Browse the Frequently Asked Questions library to self-service immediate answers.

View GiveMN Resources for assistance kicking off your online fundraising campaign or send a message to the GiveMN team by emailing contact@givemn.org.