How do I access and manage my organization page?

Once you’ve received your confirmation email from Mightycause Support letting you know you’ve been approved as an administrator for your organization’s page on Mightycause (learn how to claim access here if you’ve missed that step), it’s time to get your page setup!

As your organization’s administrator, you can customize your organization’s page with images and videos, a description and contact information. You can also access your disbursement and donor data and change your address or your organization’s name.

Your Organization page acts as the foundation for all your nonprofit’s fundraising activity on Mightycause, so it’s important to fill it out with relevant details of your organization. All fundraisers and teams created for your organization will link back to this page. If you don’t have a current goal-oriented fundraiser or team for your organization on Mightycause, you can use your Organization Page to fundraise at any time.

Accessing Your Organization Page

You can access your page by clicking your name in the top right-hand corner of any page once you login at Then, from the drop down menu select “Your Organizations.”

If you have access to more than one organization, you’ll see tiles showing more than one organization. If you have access to only one organization page, you’ll be taken straight to that page.

If you’ve received a confirmation email granting you access to your organization’s page, but don’t see “Your Organizations” listed in your dropdown menu, it’s likely that you’ve logged in with a different account. Try logging out and using a different email to log back in.

Manage Your Page

To manage your organization’s page and access the admin panel, click the teal “Manage Page” button below your organization’s name on the Organization page.

Now, let’s walk through the different tabs and the functionality available in each tab:


The Edit tab is where you can edit all the information that will be publicly displayed to donors and supporters. Remember, this page should be “evergreen” since a donor can access it 365 days a year to make a donation. Make sure your Summary, Description and “About the Organization” contact information is reflective of the “evergreen” nature.

You can also customize your checkout in this section. Scroll down to “Checkout Customization” to enable comments during checkout and to opt in to receiving donation addresses (note: organizations are automatically opted out of receiving donation addresses, since we know this can hinder some donors from completing their donation process).

You can add customized donation tiers in the “Checkout Customization” section. Add descriptions to help show the impact of each donation level for your organization.

Did your organization move locations? Scroll down to the address section and click the blue “Change Address” button.

You can also set or change your Categories in the Edit tab — this is helpful for donors who are searching for specific types of causes. You can choose up to three categories or subcategories for your organization.

Scroll down further in the Edit tab to view “Advanced Options” — expand this section and you can customize your organization page’s URL. This section is also where you can reset your Metrics. You can also allow offline donations to be included in your metrics in this section.

Don’t forget to scroll down and click “Save” after making any changes in the Edit tab!


Illustrate your organization’s work in the Images/Videos tab. This is where you can add your gallery of images and videos that help visualize your story. You can add up to 10 photos and/or videos to your gallery. When uploading pictures please be sure they are less than 5MB in size. The current gallery size is 745 x 570 px. Thumbnails for user accounts are based on a square, so the best fit will be any square size.

Once you have uploaded all the photos you want, you can drag and drop them so they will appear in your preferred order. To use an image as your organization’s thumbnail throughout the site, just click the radio button “Use this image as my thumbnail”. Please note that the thumbnail pictures are square, so if the image you select to use as a thumbnail is not square, it will be distorted. You can also choose to use the image in your gallery alongside the rest of your photos by clicking “Also, use this in my gallery”.

To update your search tile image, you can simply choose the image that you want and drag it so that it is the image immediately after your thumbnail image in your gallery. You will need at least two pictures in your gallery in order for your search tile image to populate.

For videos, make sure you are adding links from YouTube or Vimeo. All other formats are not supported on the platform at this time.


Use the Updates tab to send updates to donors who’ve supported your organization on Mightycause. This is a great place to share information about yearly goals, new capital campaigns and to thank your supporters at the end of the year.


All donors who give to a certified charity on Mightycause automatically receive a tax-deductible receipt. You may want to customize it to ensure your organization’s personalized thanks is included in the receipt. The Thanks tab allows you to add videos or a customized message for your donors to receive with their tax receipt.


The Share tab provides you with the tools to make it easy to share your Mightycause page. To track referrals, use the URL from the “Web Address” section to share your page with supporters.

You can also add the donation widget to your Facebook page so donors on social media can give to your cause right on Facebook. The donation widget keeps them on the screen so they don’t ever have to navigate off Facebook to successfully make their donation. To embed the Facebook widget, click the “Embed on Facebook” button on the screen and give Mightycause authorization to access your Facebook page on the next screen.

Lastly, add the customizable donation widget or QR code to your website by copying and pasting the HTML code and pasting it into your website’s code.

Learn more about Mightycause’s new donation widget.


Your organization page’s Donations tab houses all the Mightycause donation information for your organization, including the fundraisers and teams started for your organization on Mightycause. This is also where you can information on disbursements from the Mightycause Foundation. To learn about all the donation and disbursement details, read this support article [link].

Matching Grants

A matching grant is a agreed upon goal between the nonprofit/fundraiser and a generous grantor/donor within a certain timeframe. Typically, the grantor agrees that once a goal has been reached, they will match that certain amount — often dollar for dollar! The grantor is secured by the nonprofit or fundraiser, not by Mightycause.

Once you’ve secured a matching grant, you can use Mightycause’s feature to promote the matching grant to your supporters. Each online donation made through that page will count towards the completion of the matching grant displayed on that page. When the matching grant is fulfilled, Mightycause’s system sends an email to the email address entered in the matching grant letting them know that the goal has been reached! The notification will prompt them to make a donation on your Mightycause page so that their match amount shows up on the page. Grantors can always choose to fulfill the grant another why if they’d like.

The admin can always edit a matching grant if they made a mistake or if the matching amount was increased. The matching amount cannot be decreased, nor changed to a date and time that is in the past. Once the edits are made, the admin can save the grant again to update.

At this time, only online donations made through the Mightycause platform count towards the matching grant tool and reflect the progress on that page. Only donations made between the matching grant start and end dates will count toward the matching grant tool and reflect the progress. Each fundraising page is different, so only donations made to that page will count for that page’s matching grant.

If you are able to secure multiple matching grants, you should be aware that only one matching grant can be listed and active at a time per Mightycause page.

If you have secured more than one matching grantor, there are two options for you. (Option 1) Once one grant is finished, the admin can close the completed grant and add the next one. (Option 2). The admin can list the matching grants are one combined sum. As donations are received, the admin can manually “check off” which grant is fulfilled, and contact the appropriate individual grantor to make them aware that they can make their matching donation.

Now that you’ve taken the time to learn about how to access your administrative panel, read this guide article to start a fundraiser for your organization.