A donation widget can be a useful tool on your organization’s website to ensure a consistent experience for donors. Mightycause’s donation widget makes it easy to make a donation in less than 5 clicks on your organization’s website. Our donation widget is compatible with most websites, including Medium, Tumblr and WordPress blogs.

How to Add the Donation Widget

To add your donation widget, simply login at mightycause.com/login and go to your Organization page or Fundraiser. Then, locate the sharing buttons on the left side of the screen. The donation widget is located on the bottom of these buttons, and looks like this: </>.

Click the embed button and and see the options to:

  • Embed a Donation widget
  • Add a donate button to your Facebook Page
  • Embed a widget link to your fundraiser
  • Embed a simple “Donate” button

Then, choose the embed option that’s right for your website (you may need to ask your webmaster, first!).

Next, simply add the button by putting the omebed URL code or iFrame embed code into the HTML code on your website.

Please note, the donation widget works best for long-form blogs and is not available for non-HTML sites.

Have further questions? Contact the Mightycause support team at support@mightycause.com.