There are no penalties for not hitting your goals on Mightycause. Even after your fundraiser has ended, you can change the Duration and monetary Goal of your fundraiser at any time, and supporters can continue to contribute to your page.

We use wepay to process contributions from personal fundraisers. For security purposes, you’ll receive your first transfer of funds 2-5 business days after the contribution was made to your page. Learn more about Mightycause’s pricing here.

We recommend only deleting your fundraiser if you’ve started a new fundraiser in its place, or if there was an error on the page. Instead, you may want to use the “hide” feature so only supporters with a direct link can access your page, and it won’t show up in our Search.

If you want to stop receiving donations to your fundraiser, you can unpublish your page by removing a required field. If you’ve received all your transfers from Stripe and no longer want to access your fundraiser, you can also delete it by going to your fundraiser, then clicking “Settings” from the left-hand sidebar. Scroll down to “Additional Settings” and click the button to “Delete Fundraiser.”

To close out your fundraiser, here are some other suggestions:

  • Post an Update. Thank donors for their generosity, and reiterate how these funds will help you or your cause. Updates are sent to anyone who’s liked, shared or contributed to your fundraiser, so it’s a great way to wrap up your fundraiser. You can post an Update by clicking “Update” on the left-hand sidebar. Then, just start typing! Don’t forget to add photos, too.
  • Reply to comments on your page. Thank supporters personally by responding individually to any comments of support they’ve left for you. Just click “Reply” on their Comment in the Comment stream (below your Story). This is a great way to personalize your thanks.
  • Share your fundraiser on social media. Let your friends and family know about your fundraiser, and thank them for their support. Reiterate how these funds will be used and share your Update on your social media platforms.

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