A step-by-step guide to managing your recurring donations on Mightycause

Mightycause was designed to make it easy to support the causes that matter to you, and one of the easiest and most important ways donors can support charities on our platform is making a recurring donation. Recurring donations help charitable organizations keep their programs running throughout the year and provide sustaining support for their operations.

Overview of recurring donations

Recurring donations are set into motion when checking out on Mightycause. To set up a recurring donation, simply find the page you to which you’d like to donate monthly and click the blue “Donate” button.

On the screen where you choose the amount of your donation, you can also choose to donate that amount monthly by checking the “Donate monthly” box at the bottom of the window.

Mightycause will charge your credit card for the amount you choose on the same day each month. You will receive an email notification before your donation is processed, as well as a receipt for your donation after it has been processed.

Canceling a recurring donation

You can cancel a recurring donation on Mightycause at any time. To cancel a recurring donation, log into your Mightycause account and click on your name from the site menu underneath your name on the navigation bar.

When you’re on your profile, toggle to the “Your Contributions” tab.

Find your recurring donation in your contribution history.

Click “Stop Donation” to cancel your recurring donation.

Updating a recurring donation

For your security, we do not store your credit card information on Mightycause in a way that can be accessed and edited. For this reason, if your card is expired, no longer valid, or you simply wish to change your payment method for your recurring donation, you will need to stop your current recurring donation and set up a new recurring donation with your updated credit card information. See How to Make a Donation on Mightycause for details instructions for making a donation.

Please be aware that the new donation will process immediately and set up the recurring donation, so if you like to have your donation process on a particular day, you will want to set up your new recurring donation on that date as well.

If you need any help canceling or updating your recurring donation on Mightycause, please contact our friendly customer support staff at support@mightycause.com.

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