Now that you’ve set up your Team fundraiser and made it look awesome, the key to success will be to effectively manage your team.

As team organizer, you have the ability to change your team’s duration, track offline donations, manage your leaderboard and message team members directly. We’ll walk through those steps here.

But first, how do you access your team page once it’s been created? Easy! Just login at and click your name in the top right-hand corner. Then, click “Your Fundraisers” from the dropdown menu and scroll down to the section titled “Teams.”

You’ll see any teams you’ve organized listed here:

Once you’re on your team fundraiser’s page, it’s time to review the tools to success to manage your team effectively. You will use your team page’s dashboard to toggle between these tools.



Click on “Members” on the left-hand sidebar menu to get started. This is the central location for most of the engagement opportunities for your team members. You can also track team member’s progress and data from here, and communicate with your team about their progress!

Invite New Team Members

Once you’ve set up your fundraiser template (see more on that below!), it’s time to invite your team members.

To invite team members, simply click “Members” from the left-hand sidebar. Then, just click “Invite Team Members” and add the emails you’d like to invite, separating them with a comma. Then, you’ll get a message letting you know who you have invited and asking if you’d like to add anyone else:

You can invite new team members at any time!

You’ll know a fundraiser has started to create their fundraiser by clicking “Members” on the left-hand sidebar at any time. Here, you’ll be able to see all team members who have joined, and the status of their fundraiser:

This is a great way to track if any fundraisers get “stuck” during the setup process so you can email them to ask if they need help and let them know they must be published to show up on the leaderboard and join the competition! With Member management made simple on Mightycause, teams have an average of 7 more fundraisers on their team over May 2016.

This is also a place to see the most recent activity on each fundraiser on your team. This is a great tool to also be able to see their most recent activity, so feel free to use this to follow up and encourage fundraisers that haven’t seen a lot of action to their page recently.

Download Member List

Looking to capture all the team’s data to add to your CRM? Simply click on the Members section on the left-hand sidebar and click “Download Member List” — this will export your fundraiser’s data, like name, email, data joined, etc. into an Excel spreadsheet for you so you can easily track their information. Here are some other things you can do in the Members section of your team page:

Remove A Fundraiser From The Leaderboard

Did a team member create duplicate fundraisers? Did someone decide to drop out of the team? You can also remove fundraisers in the “Members” section. Simply click the grey “x”, show in the screenshot above, to remove them from the leaderboard. This will not delete their fundraiser, but will remove them and any donations they received from the competition!

Message Team Members

It’s down to the wire, and your team is this close to hitting their goal. What should you do?

Message your team and motivate them with some tips to continue raising funds!

You can do this from the Members section on your left-hand sidebar menu — simply click “Members” and then click the blue “Message All Members” button. Then, add a subject line and a note, and click “Send Message” to send the note to all the fundraisers on your team.

This tool is a great way to keep up engagement and keep those competitive juices flowing. Use this feature to remind fundraisers who’s on top of the leaderboard, why it’s important for your team to hit their goal, and any other milestones along the way!

Donation Report

With team fundraising on Mightycause, you can now track your donation information by individual fundraiser, or for the team as a whole. Simply click “Donation Report” on the left-hand sidebar menu.

Then, just choose which fundraiser you’d like to view donation information for from the dropdown menu, and select the timeframe:

You can export any of the donations report views as a Spreadsheet by clicking “Get detailed report for this range” in the lower right-hand corner of the report.

You can also filter your team by General Fund, or view all fundraisers.

Adding Offline Donations

As the team organizer, you may want fundraisers to include checks and cash (or money from sponsorships) into your team’s total on the display counter. You can add offline donations to general funds or allow fundraisers to include them on their own fundraisers by following these steps:

To add an offline donation to your team’s total (this might be a check or cash from sponsors or hosts), click “Donation Report” on the left-hand sidebar. Then, click the teal “Add Offline Donation” button:

Then, just select if you want to add it to your General Fund (remember: this won’t show on your leaderboard, but will show on the team’s display total):

Then, just add the details of your offline donation!

Fundraiser Template

One of the best first steps to take to manage your team on Mightycause is to first set up a template to make it easy for new fundraisers to get setup in just a few clicks.

To set up your fundraiser template, click “Fundraiser Template” on the left-hand sidebar. Then, just fill out the following sections and click “Save”:

  • Suggested Fundraiser Title — this will be used as the default name fundraisers that join your team
  • Funding Goal — how much do you want each fundraiser to raise?
  • Fundraiser Image — this is a default image for fundraisers who don’t want to personalize their page
  • Short Story — use this as a brief, one-sentence preview of the fundraiser
  • Story — provide more details about the fundraiser, the organization and the team!

Don’t forget to click the blue “Create template” button below where you type the Story to save your template!

When fundraisers create their fundraiser, they’ll be prompted to choose to use the template or to personalize their own page.


You’re team settings are similar to your fundraiser settings — you can set up automatic Facebook posting, create a custom URL, customize checkout levels and more. Here are some of the new features offered to team fundraisers in their Settings section on the left-hand sidebar:

Membership Permissions

With team fundraising on Mightycause, you can either set your team to be limited to invite-only or allow anyone to join. Invite-only is a great option for teams that want to control the number of team members on their team and the message on their fundraisers.

By default, anyone will be allowed to join your Team on Mightycause. To change this, scroll to the section titled “Membership Permissions” in your Settings, then just click the radio button next to the selection you’d like: Invite Only or Anyone Can Join.

Your General Fund

One of the new features on Mightycause’s team fundraiser is the ability for donors to give to the “General Fund” — this is a great option for donors who want to support the organization, but aren’t familiar with a person or a fundraiser listed on the leaderboard.

When donors click the “Donate” button below the display counter on your team page, they’ll be prompted to choose which fundraiser they’d like to donate to:

To turn off the option to donate to a General Fund, simply visit your “Settings” and scroll to the section titled “General Fund” — then just toggle it on or off:

Donations to the general fund will not be counted towards the leaderboard (although they will show on on your display total). This option is available only for teams that support certified charities on Mightycause, and is not available for teams that support personal fundraisers.

You can customize the donation tiers that show on your Donate button for the General Fund under this section, as well. Just add the amounts you’d like donors to see when they click Donate under “Checkout Customization.”

Offline Donation Tracking

As the team organizer, you may want fundraisers to include checks and cash into your team’s total on the display counter. To allow fundraisers to add their own offline donations, click “Settings.” Then, scroll to “Offline Donation Tracking” and choose to ignore or include offline donations that fundraisers add to their own pages:

This is helpful for teams that want to encourage fundraisers to only fundraise online, or for teams with a lot of fundraisers where it may be difficult to track cash and check donations. If you allow offline donation tracking, that fundraiser’s offline donations will be included on their total on the leaderboard.

Progress Calculation

You might have had some eager fundraisers that started collecting funds a bit too early. In this case, you might want to start tracking donations made to fundraisers before your team started. To do this, just visit “Settings” and scroll to the section titled “Metrics” — then just change the start date to whatever you’d like!

This is also a great option for teams who plan to use the same team page year over year. You can change your metrics to only include this year’s funds raised. This is an easy way to ensure you’re not “reinventing the wheel” each year, and fundraisers will only need to update their information, rather than creating a whole new page!

Delete Your Fundraiser

Finally, you may want to delete your team fundraiser if you start a new one next year. This will ensure that donors aren’t confused and donate to the wrong team. To delete your team, just scroll to the Settings section titled “Delete Team” — then just click the blue button and your team fundraiser will be deleted. Please note: This will not affect the fundraisers on your leaderboard — fundraisers must delete their own page by clicking “Delete Fundraiser” in the Settings on the left-hand sidebar of their fundraiser.

Ongoing Team Engagement

For a more streamlined experience, there is an “Activity Feed” featured on the team page, which includes all shares, comments, donations and likes in one stream:

As the team organizer, you can reply to comments on the Activity Feed, click the heart next to donations to “like” them and engage with the donor, and remove any comments from the feed that may have been accidentally posted publicly. This is also a great way to see how many people are sharing the team or its fundraisers so you can send a message to the team to encourage them to ask donors to share more!


Another new feature in the Page Editor is the Deadline tool. If you’re close to the end date, but still have a bit to go before you hit your goal, you may consider changing the end-date of your team. You can change your duration at any time by clicking “Deadline” on the left-hand sidebar menu in the Page Editor section. Then, just pick a new end date from the pop up calendar and click “Save”:


Like fundraisers on Mightycause, Updates are a great way to engage your team, donors and other supporters. To add an update, just click “Updates” from your Page Editor section on the left-hand sidebar.

Then, just add the title and start typing your Update! Some updates you make consider sending throughout the campaign include halfway to your goal, hitting your goal, updates on who’s in the lead on the leaderboard or how close the competition, and any changes to the timeline (i.e., “We’ve Extended the Campaign for One More Week!”).

Once you click “Post,” the update will be emailed to your team members, every donor for your team, and anyone who has liked or shared your team page or a fundraiser on your team, so updates are best used for major announcements you want to share with everyone. Updates are archived in the Page Editor.

Do you have further questions on your team fundraiser? Our support team is here to help Monday through Friday, 9 -5 pm EST! Email them at or call 1–202–800–1618.