Matching grants are a cornerstone of nonprofit fundraising. A matching grant can make all the difference in the success of your campaign. And at Mightycause, we’ve designed a matching grants tool that can be customized to suit your fundraising needs and the terms of your match. In this support article, we’ll break down how it works and how you can utilize matching grants to amplify your Mightycause campaign.

What are matching grants?

Matching grants are large donations you use as tools to help you fundraise. Your nonprofit asks a donor (for example, a board member, local business or community partner) to provide a grant to your nonprofit. Then, your nonprofit leverages that grant as an incentive to donate to your fundraising campaign by promising that donations will be matched up to the amount of the grant. The particulars can vary based on your agreement with the grantor and your fundraising strategy.

Matching grants on Mightycause

We’re all about helping your nonprofit fundraise better and smarter. And that’s why we’ve developed a tool that allows you to display your matching grant on your Mightycause page. Nonprofits on Mightycause can use the matching grants tool to orchestrate your match and drive donations. It’s important to know that the matching grants feature on Mightycause is for display purposes only.

Summary of features

  • Total flexibility on start and end times — you can even start a grant in the past!
  • Unlimited simultaneous matching grants
  • Ability to queue matchings grants
  • Automatically include matching grant amounts in the total raised on your fundraiser or organization page
  • Three advanced matching options to choose from, percentage, dollar, and total value

What the matching grants tool does

When you enter a matching grant on your Mightycause page, here’s what will happen:

  • When the matching grant is live, donors will see a badge on the Donate button altering them that a match is available

  • Mightycause will auto-calculate how much of the match has been fulfilled
  • In your Donations Report, you will be able to see which donations were matched and in what amount
  • A grant summary table will appear on your Mightycause page listing all live matching grants and showing the amount still available. (Clicking the badge on the Donate button will take users to the grant summary table.)

Adding a matching grant to an organization page

On Mightycause, your organization page is the hub of your presence on Mightycause. It’s an evergreen page tied to your tax ID, and fundraisers and team pages will branch out from this page. When you add a matching grant to your organization’s page, only donations to that specific page will count toward the grant. If you’d like to have grants apply to fundraisers, you will need to set them up separately.

You access your organization page by logging in and selecting the desired organization from the dropdown menu under your name on the navigation bar.

Your matching grant tool is located on your page’s dashboard, in the Donations section.

When you click “Matching Grants,” you’ll end up on your matching grants dashboard.

Your matching grants dashboard

On your matching grants dashboard, you’ll be able to add new grants, edit and close live grants and view your matching grants history. You can also download a detailed report of your matching grants.

Adding a grant

Click the blue button on your matching grants dashboard that says “Add a New Grant.”

Then, you’ll need to enter the details of your grant.

In this window, enter your grantor’s name, email address and the amount of the match. You’ll want to enter the contact information for the grantor or person at your nonprofit who should be notified when the grant is fulfilled so they can make the donation online. Also, since it’s a display feature, you can title your grantor’s name whatever you’d like for your record keeping. You’ll need to let us know whether your donor would like to be anonymous (if yes, click the box that says “Don’t display grantor’s name publicly”) and if you want the grant value added to your organizational metrics.

To add to your metrics, or not to add to your metrics?

The most important thing to consider is how your grantor will be providing the grant. If you’re working with a grantor who prefers to pay by check, it’s a good idea to include the grant value in your metrics. However, if the grantor is willing to pay online through Mightycause, you won’t want to include it in your metrics. In fact, that could throw your totals off.


If your matching grant is for a giving day, we recommend encouraging your grantor to fulfill the match online. Matching grants that are automatically added to your metrics do not count toward giving day leaderboard or Golden Ticket prizes. At this time they will also not be reflected on team leaderboards. So be cognizant of the type of campaign you are running when deciding whether to include the grant in your metrics.

Set the terms of the matching grant

The matching grants tool on Mightycause is versatile and can suit many different types of matching grants. In the next window, you’ll enter the details of your match.

Set when your grant is active

You can set the start and end date for your matching grant for any time, future, present, or even past. If you forgot to set up your match, no problem! We will automatically include eligible donations against the match if you set the start time in the past. Also, you can now run as many matches at one time as you would like. There is no need to set the start time to be after another matching grant that you have running. All matches can co-exist! If you have a grant you want to become active as soon as another one ends, just check the box that says “Queue this grant to begin immediately after another grant completes.”

Set your match type

The most common type of grant on Mightycause is a 1:1 match, meaning that each donation is matched in full until the grant is fulfilled. However, you can other options you can choose if you’d like to orchestrate your matching grant a little differently.

Expand the “Advanced Match Options” menu to choose another type of grant.

matching grant tool - match type

Here’s what you can choose and how these options work.

Match a specific percentage of each donation

When you select this option, you’ll be asked to enter a percentage. This can be a handy tool if you’d like to stretch your grant further by matching only a portion of each donation, such as 50%, or if you’d like to be generous with the grant money and match at a 2:1 ratio (which is 200%).

Match a maximum dollar amount of each donation

This tool will allow you to “cap” the amount that can be matched. This helps ensure that your $1,000 grant will not be fulfilled too quickly with a few large donations. So, if you have a $1,000 match available, and have set your “cap” to $100, you can prevent a few big donations from wiping out your grant.

Match the grant only if the total value is met

This is an all or nothing match. For example, a grantor agrees to give $10,000 only if you can raise $10,000. For all or nothing matches we do not include the match amount in your fundraiser or organization page amounts until the total value is met. If the total value is not met before the end time then nothing is matched. This can be a risky strategy that pays off in dividends to motivate your supporters to donate! 

And, finally, save your grant by clicking the “Save Grant” button!

Adding a matching grant to a fundraiser

Fundraiser pages are campaign specific pages connected to your organization page. On a fundraiser, you can set a fundraising goal, deadline and speak to your campaign’s purpose. And, of course, you can add matching grants! When you use the matching grants tool to add a match to your fundraiser, only donations to your fundraiser will count toward the match. 

To add a matching grant to your fundraiser, go to the fundraising page to which you’d like to add the match. Then click the dollar sign icon on your page’s dashboard, and click “Matching Grants.”

Once you’ve navigated to the matching grants dashboard, follow the same steps as you would on your organization page.

Frequently asked questions

How do I close a matching grant?

Your grants will close automatically once they’ve been fulfilled on Mightycause. To manually close your matching grant, go to you matching grants dashboard and click the pencil icon next to the grant you’d like to close.

live grants on matching grants tool

Click continue on the first page of the window with your grant’s information.

On the second page, click “Close this grant.”

close this grant

Once you click “Close this grant,” it will be manually closed — you do not need to hit save, this will happen automatically.

Oh no! I forgot to enter my matching grant! What do I do?

First, don’t panic! Mightycause’s matching grants tool can help you out. Follow the steps above to enter your matching grant, but when choosing your date, back date it to when your matching grant should have started. The matching grants tool will automatically apply to grant to donations made during the time you specify.

matching grants tool - date and time

I’m participating in a team fundraiser and have a matching grant on my page. I set the matching grants tool to add my matching grant to my metrics, and my page is correct, but the total on my team’s leaderboard is different. What’s happening?

Team leaderboards don’t take matching grants into account. If you’re on a fundraising team, you should opt not to add the matching grant to your metrics and instead add the match as one offline donation. That will ensure the team leaderboard is able to account for your matching grant. (But the team organizer must have chosen to include offline donations, so if it’s still not being included, your team may not be set to include offline donations!) You can edit the matching grant options by clicking the pencil next the the grant on your dashboard.

My grantor got an email asking them to pay the grant, but they’ve already paid my nonprofit. Why did they receive this email?

Mightycause sends an email to the address you enter in the matching grants tool alerting the grantor that the grant has been fulfilled and prompting them to pay on Mightycause. If they’ve settled the grant with you off the platform, no problem! Just tell them to disregard that email.

The totals on my page are off! Why is it showing that I’ve raised more money than I have?

Most likely, you opted to include your matching grant in your metrics. When you do that, the match will be added to your metrics with each donation. So, if you have a $1,000 matching grant and someone makes a $50 donation, $50 would be added to your total. (Conversely, $50 would be removed from the amount available on your grants summary table.) When you choose to add the match in your metrics, it’s not added in one lump sum after the grant is fulfilled, it’s added donation by donation.

Why isn’t my matching grant included in my leaderboard total for a giving day I’m participating in?

Offline donations don’t count toward leaderboard totals on Mightycause. That’s because we can’t verify them, so in order to keep giving days fair and leaderboard competitions clean, we only include online donations. Your matching grant will be included in the totals for the giving day and on your page. If you want to ensure that your matching grant helps you on a giving day, encourage your grantor to fulfill their match online.

Help with matching grants

Mightycause’s friendly support staff is available to answer any questions you have about the matching grants tool! Email your questions to