Mightycause has a lot of features available to nonprofits, and knowing how to navigate them is key. With our new Mightycause Manager, finding the information you need quickly has never been easier or more intuitive. In this Support article, we’ll walk you through navigating your dashboard and how to access all of the most important features.

Accessing the Mightycause Manager

When you log into Mightycause, you’ll see your name on the upper-left side of the page. A dropdown menu appears when you hover over your name with your mouse, which allows you to access different parts of your user profile and any nonprofits you have access to manage.

gif of user menu

Your nonprofit’s dashboard will be on the top of your user menu. If you manage multiple nonprofits on Mightycause, you’ll see all of them listed and be able to access that nonprofit’s dashboard through this menu.

The Home Screen

When you click on your nonprofit’s dashboard, you’ll be taken to the home screen of your Mightycause Manager. This screen will contain some key metrics for your nonprofit so you can get a quick update on what’s been happening on Mightycause in the past week.

home screen of admin dashboard

You’ll also see a To-Do List that lets you know what you can to complete your nonprofit’s Mightycause profile, such as setting up electronic funds transfer or adding a logo. We’ll also be sharing important news and updates to the Mightycause platform that nonprofit admins need to know on your home screen.

The Mightycause Manager Dashboard

On the left side of the home screen is your dashboard. You can use the dashboard to toggle between all of the different options to manage your nonprofit on Mightycause.

gif of expanding dashboard

You can use the icons to toggle between options, and the dashboard will also expand when you hover over it with your mouse.

If you see dashboard options in grey, that means they’re Premium features you do not currently have access to without a subscription. You can gain access to these features by subscribing to one of our Premium plans. Learn more about Mightycause Premium and view these features in a group demo!


Your organization profile (often called an “org page” in Mightycause lingo) is your nonprofit’s evergreen page with information about your work, images, a feed of donors and the ability to make donations and create fundraisers. Many of the options that can now be managed through your profile are now managed through your nonprofit’s dashboard instead.

You can manage your profile’s content and profile Settings through your dashboard. You can also view your “live page,” which is how your profile will appear to visitors (meaning any items only viewable to you as an admin have been removed).

Learn more about editing your profile page!


One of the biggest improvements to the dashboard is intuitive navigation — that is, we’ve grouped all of the things that are related to each other together. So, you’ll find everything related to donations under Donations.

From this area of the dashboard, you can easily access:

Learn more about custom donation pages.


The new Campaigns screen gives you a snapshot of all campaigns currently running for your nonprofit on Mightycause.

From the Campaigns screen, you’ll be able to see a list of all fundraising campaigns, divided into fundraisers created by your nonprofit and peer-to-peer fundraisers and teams.

View of Campaigns started by your nonprofit
View of campaigns started by others on behalf of your nonprofit

You can sort campaigns, download a report and even begin new fundraisers from this screen.

Supporters (Premium feature)

Supporter records are more than just robust donor records. The Mightycause Supporters tool provides records not just for donors, but volunteers, peer-to-peer fundraisers and team organizers. This helps your nonprofit ensure that you’re tracking not just those who’ve made a monetary donation, but also those who have provided other kinds of essential support.

Sample Supporter record

On your new Mightycause Manager, your Supporters records are easily accessible from your dashboard, so you can quickly find supporters, add notes, update their information and ensure that you’re tracking every contribution they make to your nonprofit.

Data Connect (Premium feature)

Under the Supporters section, you’ll also be able to utilize Data Connect if you’re a Premium subscriber. Data Connect allows you to set up automated processes called “zaps” through our partner Zapier. “Zaps” through Data Connect helps you export data, automate thank you emails, add new donors to MailChimp and Constant Contact lists, create Salesforce contacts and more. Premium subscribers have access to pre-loaded “zaps” that can help your nonprofit start automating!

Automatic Data Integration
A sample of pre-loaded zaps for Premium subscribers

Learn more about utilizing Data Connect:

The Low Down on Nonprofit Data: What You Should Be Tracking

Analytics (Premium feature)

Analytics is a tool that provides Premium subscribers with a snapshot of all the most important fundraising metrics, such as donor retention rate, average gift size, types of donations, and more. Through Analytics, you can also connect your Google Analytics account to Mightycause to get even more details about the traffic to your Mightycause page and where visitors are coming from.

Advanced Fundraising Analytics
Sample analytics


Your Settings screen is used to manage your nonprofit’s options across the Mightycause platform.

We’ve separated the different options into Account settings, Look & Feel, and Domains (which pertains to Premium subscribers with custom subdomains). You can toggle between these different areas using the options at the top of the screen.

Calls to Action (Premium feature)

The Calls to Action tool is a unique tool offered exclusively by Mightycause. Calls to Action allows you to post volunteer opportunities, manage volunteers, collect the information you need from prospective volunteers, and even log volunteer hours.

Learn more about Calls to Action:

Volunteer Management Made Easy on Mightycause

Premium Features

Premium subscribers have access to even more options through their Mightycause dashboard. These powerful nonprofit fundraising tools will help your nonprofit elevate your use of online fundraising, integrate with other programs, track your supporters, recruit volunteers and so much more. And, best of all, a Premium subscription frees your nonprofit from platform fees on Mightycause. Mightycause Premium is competitively priced and offers pricing plans for nonprofits of all sizes and budget.

Want to take these fundraising tools for a test drive? Get started with Premium and sign up for a free 30-day trial today!

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