Every user on Mightycause must have a user account, even users looking to claim access to their organization’s page on Mightycause. To claim access, follow these steps.

Once you’ve claimed access to your page and have created a user account, you can login and access your user account Profile, where you can access fundraisers, donation history and any Organization pages you’ve claimed.


Now that you’re a member of the Mightycause community, tell others who you are. This is also where all your Mightycause activity is stored. If you’ve made a donation, shared a fundraiser, created a fundraiser, or are an org admin, that information is stored on your Profile.

To access your Profile, hover over your name in the top right-hand corner of the page (remember, you need to be logged in first!). Then, click on your name.

When you click on your name, your profile page will pop up:

Here, you can access your fundraisers, your donation history and your social shares. Just click on the tab for the activity type you’re seeking. All your donations will pop up under the “Your Contributions” tab. All your fundraisers will pop up under the “Your Fundraisers” tab. Any organization you’re an admin of will show under “Your Contributions.”

You can access your Profile from the top of any page on Mightycause — just look for your name in the top right-hand corner of the page and click your name in the drop down menu.

Remember, you’ll know you’re on your Profile page because there is no Donation button on this page, just your name and contact information. You must claim access to your organization page by filling out the claim form to start with your organization page on Mightycause.

Accessing your Organization’s Page

You can access your nonprofit page at any time by logging in, clicking the name in the top right-hand corner and then clicking on your organization in the dropdown. It should be right below the “Recent” option. This will take you to your nonprofit’s organization page on Mightycause.

You’ll know you’re on your organization’s page when you see the Mightycause Manager on the right. This is where you can access your organization settings and page customization. For more details on the cool things you can do from your manager, click here.

Accessing Fundraisers from your Org Page

You can access all the fundraisers and project pages created for your organization by clicking on the “Campaigns” section of your Mightycause Manager.

Then click on any of the fundraisers in the list to visit the corresponding page. You’ll know you’re on a fundraiser page when it says the title, followed by, “A Charitable Fundraiser for [your nonprofit’s name].”:

You can go back to your organization’s page by clicking its hyperlinked name under the fundraiser, or by visiting your user profile on the top right-hand corner of any page.

Still having trouble toggling between your user profile, organization page and fundraiser? Email our support team at support@mightycause.com for more help!