What are “Organizer Tips” and why would I want to accept them for my fundraiser?

Whether you are doing a walk for charity, hosting a house party to support a cause, gathering support for your church or your local animal shelter, raising money for disaster relief, or whatever it is that speaks to your heart, you are going further and doing more. You are willing to go beyond just giving, you are willing to selflessly spend valuable energy and time, and in some cases your own hard earned money to raise funds for charity. Your network of family, friends, colleagues, and social media connections are inspired by your passion and want to support your efforts to reach your goals.

In keeping the fundraiser philanthropist, YOU, at the core of our mission, Mightycause has just released an exciting new feature that allows the organizer to earn some extra cash while doing great work to support the cause they [you] love! Fundraisers can select to receive a tip or small gratuity to support the good work you are doing. Personal tips from your donors can go towards covering the expenses incurred organizing, the time and resources they have dedicated, or just earn tips for effort spent.

How do I sign up to accept organizer tips for my fundraiser?

To enable the tips option for your fundraiser, visit the “Settings” page by clicking on the gear icon in the gray navigation bar on the left-hand side of your fundraiser.

Then find the section for “Organizer Tips” and click to turn it on. If you decide later that you don’t want to accept organizer tips, you can turn them off at any point throughout your campaign. Just visit your settings page and turn “Organizer Tips” to off.

How can I track to see if any donors are leaving tips?

You will automatically receive an email notification whenever a donation is made to your campaign, and any tip information will be included in the notification email received for that donation. You can also log into your Donor report at any time to track your tip activity. Once you’ve received your first tip, you’ll see a button labeled “Tips” in your Donor Report. Clicking on that will open up your Tips Report to show you any pending and available tips.

Whenever you have tips available, you’ll also notice an Indicator on your profile picture as a reminder.

What do I do with these tips?

Once you’ve earned tips, you as the organizer have the option to pocket your tips, or to donate them back to the cause you are fundraising for. Want to split the difference? You can decide how much of the tips you want to keep, and how much you want to donate to your cause. It’s fun and easy using the sliding bar below, to distribute any tips you raise however you prefer!

How do I receive any tips I earn?

You can log into your Mightycause account to request a direct deposit of any tips you’ve earned into your bank account. Tips will be available for withdrawal 14 days after the tip is made, subject to exceptions. Once your tips are available for withdrawal, you will receive an email notification from Mightycause. This email will link to your “Tips Report” page (This is where you decide how you want to distribute any tips you raised between yourself or the cause!).

Once you click to “Distribute Tips” you will receive an email from our payment partner Dwolla inviting you to create an account. With Dwolla, you will be prompted to enter your bank account information one time to set up the payment process. Once you’ve set up your Dwolla account, you’ll automatically receive a direct deposit with any of the tips you’ve withdrawn from your fundraiser, and you’ll receive an email notification to let you know these tips are on the way!

Moving forward, you will receive weekly notifications of any new tips that you have available for withdrawal, and since your account is already set up, a simple click of a button will have your next set of tips direct deposited into your account!

If you have any questions about Organizer Tips, please contact us at support@mightycause.com!