Mightycause just made fundraising even easier.

Are you interested in helping a friend to pay off her medical bills? Do you know a family in need of a little extra cash to meet monthly expenses? Mightycause can help with that! With personal fundraising on Mightycause, you can easily start a fundraiser and send the funds you raise directly to someone else.

You don’t have to worry about tracking and managing funds, you can focus on the things that really matter — like telling the important story about the person or family you are raising funds for.

Raise Funds for Someone Else

When you create a personal fundraiser on Mightycause, you’ve always been able to accept the funds to your bank account directly. With this new feature, you can now invite someone else to accept the funds from your fundraiser directly into their bank account. During the Fundraising set-up process, you’ll select “Someone Else” when prompted, and then continue along creating your fundraiser using our easy fundraising wizard.

Easily Send an Invitation to the Fund Recipient

Once you’ve started to build your fundraiser, you’ll be prompted to send your recipient an invitation to get started. All you need is a valid email address for your Fund Recipient to send them an invitation.

The process is completely secure, your beneficiary doesn’t have to share any of their bank information with you. They’ll receive your email invitation with quick, easy instructions to log in to Mightycause and connect their bank account to your fundraiser. Once they’ve connected their account, they will be able to view your fundraiser (but they won’t be able to edit it…it’s your page after all!). As the recipient of the funds, they will be also able to see the list of donors that have supported this campaign.

The Fund Recipient can easily connect their bank account

Once they’ve connected their bank account, you’ll receive an email confirmation and be ready to publish your fundraiser. You can then start sharing your campaign on social media and email, spreading the word and bringing in funds for your beneficiary!

Excited about this new feature? We are too! Get started today by starting a fundraiser for yourself or a beneficiary in need!

Questions? Please contact us at support@mightycause.com.