Your organization profile’s metrics provide a quick snapshot of your activity on the Mightycause platform. Your “metrics” are the total amount of donations and total number of donors on the Mightycause platform. Your metrics display near the top of your page, right next to your Donate button.


By default, Mightycause will count all donations and all donors from the date your Mightycause profile was created. However, you may want to change this metrics calculation — for instance, at the beginning of a new calendar year, or if you are preparing your profile to participate in a giving event.

Your metrics can be managed from your Page Settings, in the Profile area of your Mightycause Manager.


You can change your Metrics “Calculation Method” by selecting “Starting on a specific date” and choosing a new date and time from the pop-up calendar. For a giving event, you’ll want to start counting from the date when donations open for the event.

Save the new date from which your Mightycause profile will count your metrics, and you’ll see the numbers reset on your profile. (Please note that if you have received donations on or after the date you’ve chosen, those will be reflected in your metrics — it will only reset to zero if you have not received any donations on or after the date you’ve chosen.)