A one-stop shop for information about team fundraising on Mightycause! How it works, troubleshooting common questions, and more.

Teams on Mightycause are a great way to add friendly competition to your fundraising efforts on Mightycause. Teams can also help bring in new donors and supports, build grassroots support for your cause, and help you reach new audiences! Plus, teams on Mightycause see a 60% increase in the number of donations for their fundraising campaign.

If you’re new to Teams, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions to help you get familiar with how teams work on Mightycause!

What are the benefits of a team page?

Mightycause is founded on the idea of collaborative impact, and team fundraisers help bring people together to raise money for important causes. The main benefit of a team page is that you can reach so many people — because your team members will be asking their friends, family, and others in their social network to donate, teams can help bring in new donors to nonprofit organizations, increase the reach of your fundraising campaign, help build momentum and reach your funding goals.

How do teams work on Mightycause?

The basics are simple: You set up a page for your team, where members can join and compete with one another on the leaderboard. When someone joins your team, they’ll create their own Mightycause page where they send their friends and family to make donations. The overall progress of your team toward your goal is tracked on your team page, and each team member’s individual progress is tracked on their page, as well as the leaderboard.

The specifics of how your team functions are up to the team organizer. You can raise funds for a single cause, or allow your team members to choose their own cause. You can make your team invite-only, or allow anyone to join. You can raise funds for charitable causes, or a personal cause. If you’d like to set up a demo of Mightycause’s team product, email us at support@mightycause.com!

Can I have teams within my team page?

Yes, but your “team” within your team would need to share a single Mightycause page. To clarify, the only kinds of pages you can connect to a team page are fundraisers, which are standalone pages that collect donations. So if a group of individuals wants to join together to compete on your fundraising team, they would need to create one fundraiser that they would share to collect donations, rather than being able to create a team page connected to your team.

How do teams on Mightycause differ from other platforms?

Preparing for the release of our new teams product, we listened to feedback from our users, compared features available from other platforms, and brainstormed new ways to help Team Organizers manage their page and multiple fundraisers. We have customization options available to help make your team page pop and match your nonprofit’s branding, the ability to make teams invite-only or open to anyone who wants to fundraiser, a template to make it easy for your fundraisers to get their page published so they can start fundraising, and tools to manage your team efficiently. Find out more about teams on Mightycause here.

I have a fundraiser that is not appearing on my leaderboard. Why is this happening?

Most commonly, if you have someone fundraising for you who is not appearing on your leaderboard, it’s because their page is not linked to your team page. The user can check by logging into the Mightycause account, clicking on Settings from their page’s dashboard, and looking at their Team Settings.

If there is no URL in Team Settings, the page is not linked to a team. The user can copy and paste the URL of the team page they wish to join and then click “Save” to add their page to the team.

Another reason this might happen is if the team member’s fundraiser has not been published. You can track your team members and whether they have published their pages in the Members section of your team dashboard.

Can people make a donation to the team if they don’t have a specific fundraiser they want to support?

Yes! There is a Donate Now button people can use to donate to your General Fund on your team page. Donations made to your General Fund will count toward your team’s total amount raised.

How do people join my team?

You can invite people to join your team after creating your page by clicking on Members from your page’s dashboard and then clicking Invite New Members.

Users can also join from your team page, so if you want to put together an email blast or invite people on social media, you only need to share the link and instruct people to click “Join This Team”.

A team member added an offline donation, but it isn’t showing in their page’s totals or our team’s total amount raised. How can I make sure the offline donation is counted?

Make sure your team page has Offline Donation Tracking enabled. Go to your team page and click Settings on your team dashboard. You’ll be able to see whether Offline Donation Tracking is enabled or not:

If you don’t have Offline Donation Tracking turned on, click Include Offline Donations. If you do have Offline Donation Tracking turned on but don’t see the offline donations included in your totals, make sure the page is linked to your team. We’re also happy to help you if you’ll send a link to the page in question to support@mightycause.com.

Can I download a list of all my team members to keep track of them?

Yes! Just log into your Mightycause account, go to your team page and click Members on your dashboard. Then click the Download Member List button. (This will also show if your team members’ pages are published or not.)

Can I email my team all at once from Mightycause?

Yes, Mightycause makes it easy for you communicate with all of your team members. Under Members on your dashboard, you can send all of your team members a message by clicking Message All Members.

Can I control the start date of my team campaign?

By default your start date will be the date you publish your team page, but if you’d like the change the date you start calculating donations, you can do that in your team Settings.

I know most of my team members won’t want to create a page from scratch — can I fill in some parts of their pages for them?

Yes, you can make it easier for your team members to get their pages published by creating a fundraiser template for them. This will auto-fill certain parts of their page so they can publish easily, and they will have the option not to use the template if they do wish to create their own page. The team member can change any parts of the page they wish, but this will help them get started. To create your fundraiser template, go to Fundraiser Template on your dashboard.

Here’s what you can add to your template:

  • Title
  • Funding goal
  • Cover Image/Video
  • Short Story
  • Story

If you have any other questions about teams or would like to set up a demo of our teams product, email us at support@mightycause.com!