Managing Your Team’s General Fund

Team fundraising is easier than ever on Mightycause. With our team fundraising experience, there are so many ways to customize your team’s page. Read about all of them here.

One of our most exciting — and most requested — features is the ability to add a General Fund to your team page. General funds are useful if you want to let donors support your efforts without necessarily having to choose a specific team member’s fundraiser for which to donate. For example, if your organization is hosting a bike race, but some of your regular supporters may want to support the organization and its event, but might not know any of the individual fundraisers on the leaderboard. Giving them the option to donate to the General Fund includes them in the bike race.

Adding a General Fund to Your Team Page

To add a general fund to your team, go to your team page by following these steps:

  1. Login at and
  2. Hover over your name in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Click on “Your Fundraisers”
  4. Then, scroll down to the Teams section and select your team page.

Once you’re on your team page, simply click “Settings” on the left-hand sidebar of your team’s page. Then scroll to the section that says “General Fund.” By default, your team’s General Fund is automatically turned off. Just toggle the switch to “On”:

General Fund for ‘One Cause’ Teams

If your team is fundraising for one certified charity on Mightycause, General Fund donations will automatically be directed to that organization. Once you turn the toggle to “On,” you’re set!

Next, you can choose to customize the donation levels a donor will see when they donate to your General Fund by checking the box to “Use custom donation suggestions.” Here you can provide more context about what impact certain donation levels can have for the organization you are supporting.

General Fund for ‘Multi-Cause’ Teams

If your team is fundraising for multiple causes, you’ll need to designate one charitable organization to receive funds from your General Fund.

When you visit “Settings” on the left-hand sidebar and turn your General Fund tab to “On,” you’ll be prompted to select an Organization to receive your funds (Please note, only registered 501c3 charitable organizations can receive funds from a General Fund):

Then, choose to customize the donation levels (or leave them as they are!) and you’re set to go!

Donating to a General Fund

When donors visit your team page, they can now donate directly on the team page. By clicking “Donate now” they’ll be given a dropdown menu to choose from any fundraiser on the leaderboard or to the General Fund.

To donate to the General Fund, the donor can just select “General Fund” as their designation:

Then, just continue through the donation process as you would with any other fundraiser on Mightycause.

Note: Donations to the General Fund are added to your team’s total on the display counter, but are not added to any individual fundraiser’s total on the leaderboard.

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