In order to receive donations through Mightycause, your organization must be registered in the U.S. as a 501(c)(3) public charity.

If your organization is not located in the United States or is waiting to receive 501(c)(3) status, you may consider fiscal sponsorship. Click here to view a directory of organizations willing to act as a fiscal sponsor. Organizations that are overseas or awaiting 501(c)(3) status can reach out to an organization listed in the directory to have them act as a fiscal agent so that these organizations can receive tax deductible contributions.

To participate, what we will need is a Memorandum of Understanding/Letter between the fiscal sponsor and the sponsored organization with the following:

  1. Approval for the sponsored organization to use the sponsoring organization’s EIN for tax purposes, including a signature from both entities.
  2. The letter needs to be on the sponsoring organization’s letterhead with its address and EIN.
  3. The letter needs to include the fiscally sponsored organization’s name and address. If you’d like to receive the funds directly to the sponsored organization’s office, you will want to include the sponsoring organization’s authorization in the letter stating this.
  4. The letter can contain other pieces of information that the organizations agree are important as well, per your discretion.

Once you have this documentation completed, simply email with an attached document of your letter and we can move forward with creating your page.

Here’s a helpful link for fiscal sponsorship MOU examples:

What if my nonprofit is a chapter of a larger organization?

As a subordinate or fiscally sponsored organization, if you share an EIN with your national organization, you can still have your own page on Mightycause. Subordinate organizations of a central organization must supply the following documents to to be added to Mightycause:

1. Copy of group exemption letter which was issued to the central organization.
2. List of subordinate organizations covered by central organization’s group exemption, or written statement from the financial office of the central organization. The document must contain the registered name, address and EIN of the subordinate organization.

If you do not have a separate EIN number from the central organization, what you’ll want to do is to create a fundraiser page by clicking on Start a Fundraiser on your main organization’s page. Funds raised through this page will be disbursed directly to the main organization.

Can I start a personal fundraiser for my organization?

We encourage non-501(c)3 organizations, such as LLCs, businesses, and international nonprofits, to consider personal fundraising on Mightycause. Personal fundraisers like similar to nonprofit fundraisers on Mightycause, except donors do not receive tax-deductible receipts.

Once you receive 501(c)3 status, or secure a fiscal agent, you’ll need to close your personal fundraiser and start a new fundraiser as a certified charity. Personal fundraising donations cannot be transferred to charitable fundraising pages.

Click here to learn more about how to start a personal fundraiser for a nonprofit organization.