Why Use Mightycause?

Whether you have a robust online fundraising strategy, or are just dipping your toes into the online fundraising pool for the first time, Mightycause can help.

How Mightycause Helps

In 2006, Mightycause was formed out of a desire to offer a service for underfunded nonprofits and people in need to lift themselves up, and lift each other. Since then, over $500 million has been raised for causes that matter.

A Variety Of Options For Success

Powerful Fundraising Tools

Mightycause provides powerful tools to help nonprofits build out and sustain their online fundraising goals. Looking to grow your donorbase? Need help managing your online data? Need help making your fundraiser shareable? Mightycause can help! Here’s how:

Donor Engagement Tools

Donors can set up recurring donations by checking the box to “Donate Monthly” when they checkout. They’ll be notified each time a donation is processed, or if their credit card is about to expire. Plus, their monthly donation will be noted on your donations report so you can easily track that information.

Want to keep your donors in the loop about capital campaign plans or a new project? You can post Updates directly to your page, which will get emailed automatically to all your Mightycause supporters to notify them of what you’re up to.

Other engagement tools include “liking” donations by clicking on the heart next to the donation on the donation stream, which notifies the donor and prompts them to share the fundraiser or give again. You can also reply to comments directly on your page to encourage donors to continue the conversation!

Optimized Donor Experience

More clicks mean more opportunities for a donor to leave the checkout process. The Mightycause Donation Experience is optimized to allow donors to make a donation in less than five clicks. Our mobile optimized platform means that your donors will experience the same easy donation process across any and all devices. Finally, our donation widget allows you to create the same seamless donation process right on your own website, or blog. You can even embed a widget onto your organization’s Facebook page, allowing social media users to stay on Facebook while they make their donation.

Storytelling Tools

Mightycause’s platform is formatted to prominently display strong images and videos on both fundraisers and organization pages. You can customize your donation levels to match your organization’s messaging. Add descriptions to help emphasize the impact of each donation.

The easy in-line editor on fundraiser pages allows you or your supporters to get a new project page or fundraiser up and running in minutes and communicate impact with donors.

Donation Management

Tax receipts are managed by the Mightycause Foundation and automatically emailed to a donor once their donation is processed, taking the legwork out of acknowledging gifts. You can even personalize the receipt with your nonprofit’s messaging or a video message.

Mightycause also provides a dynamic donations report you can easily export as a spreadsheet. Each time you receive a disbursement you’ll be able to track all the donations included in that disbursement.

Sharing Tools

One of the hallmarks of online fundraising is how easily your efforts can be shared with others. Automatic Facebook posting for fundraisers means they can automatically share updates with Facebook friends. Donors are prompted to share your page at various places on the site, providing more opportunities to grow your network.

Click any of the sharing tools below the “Donate” button to automatically draft a tweet, Facebook post or email with a link to your donation page. Donors can also embed the donation widget onto their site to ask friends and family to support your organization.

Why Peer-to-peer Fundraising Works

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to grow your network of online supporters in an organic way. Ambassadors, volunteers, supporters and board members can set up their own fundraisers to support your organization on Mightycause. Our step-by-step fundraising wizard will walk them through the steps of setting up their goals and get them from start to finish in less than five minutes.

All the funds will be sent directly to your organization. Plus, all fundraisers will link back to your organization’s page, giving you the ability to engage with new donors and to control your messaging on peer-to-peer campaigns.

A Competitive Pricing Model Is Important

We’re proud to compete with the lowest fees in the business. Mightycause collects only 4% if you’re fundraising for a charity, so donations do more good. In order to process payments, 2.9% + 30¢ goes to credit card companies, for a seamless experience that is quick and safe for fundraisers and donors alike. Plus, donors can choose to cover the fees using the donation booster during checkout, ensuring that 100% of their intended donation goes to the nonprofit.

There are no setup costs or subscription fees to get started online fundraising on Mightycause. However, we do offer subscription plans for nonprofits ready to take their fundraising to the next level. Learn more about premium fundraising on Mightycause here.

And, unlike other platforms, there’s no penalty and no all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to hitting your goals on a fundraiser.

Offering Strategic Support & More

Our team of fundraising professionals are here to help you strategize your fundraising goals with webinars, blogs and strategy sessions. Sign up for a coaching session to get personalized support tailored to your organization’s goals and needs.

Plus, our Customer Support Specialists are available 9–5 pm EST by phone, email and instant chat to answer any technical questions you may have about getting set up.

Ready to get started? Click here to claim your organization’s page on Mightycause: https://www.mightycause.com/p/claim-org.