Next steps to take when your fundraiser has ended

You’ve created your Mightycause page, worked hard to raise money for your charitable cause of choice, and now your fundraiser is over. Now what?

Ending the fundraiser

You picked an end date for your fundraiser when setting up your page, so there’s nothing you need to do to end your fundraiser. Your page will still be able to collect donations even if your end date has passed — so if you need more time to collect donations, you can continue sharing your page.

Releasing funds

You don’t need to do anything to release the funds you raised during your fundraiser to the charity — Mightycause takes care of that for you! We automatically send a check to every nonprofit organization that has raised money on Mightycause on the 10th of each month. So, if your fundraiser took place in April, the nonprofit organization you’ve raised money for will be sent a check from the Mightycause Foundation on May 10th. Nonprofits can also sign up for direct deposit (or electronic funds transfer) to receive their funds faster and more frequently.

If you fell a little short of your fundraising goal, no problem! Mightycause doesn’t hold funds until you meet your goal or penalize you for not raising your goal, so the nonprofit organization you raised funds for will get the money either way, guaranteed.

Disabling your Mightycause page

At this time, you have two options if you would like to disable your Mightycause page:

  1. Delete your page.
  2. Turn off your page’s Discoverability (in your page Settings). This will mean your page can only be accessed with a direct link and cannot be found in searches.

Odds are that if you aren’t actively sharing your page with family and friends, very few people (if any) will find it on their own, so you shouldn’t worry too much about disabling your Mightycause page.

Thanking your donors

Even if your fundraiser has ended, you aren’t truly done until you thank your donors for helping your fundraiser become so successful! You can send them a personalized email, call them on the phone to thank them for their contribution, or even write a handwritten thank you card. Make sure you acknowledge your donors’ generous contributions to ensure that the next time you raise money for charity on Mightycause, these donors will be inspired to help you again!

Follow up with the charity

If the charity you chose to support wasn’t already aware of your fundraiser, make sure you reach out to them to let them know how much raised for them! Give them the chance to thank you for contributing to their cause.

Have additional questions about any steps you need to take after your fundraiser has ended? Email us at