We’ve made donation management even easier on Mightycause with the Donations management section on your organization’s fundraising website.

One of the most important pieces of online fundraising for your organization is being able to track and manage donation information. As a reminder, you must have admin access to your organization’s fundraising website before you can access the donation information for your organization. Visit mightycause.com/claim in order to fill out your claim form and get started!

Once you have admin access, visit your organization’s fundraising website on Mightycause and click the $ sign on the Manager to get started with your donation data on Mightycause. This is where you can access the aggregated data for all the fundraising activity for your organization on Mightycause.

Donation Report

With Mightycause’s donation report, you’re able to view all the information associated with each donation to your organization on Mightycause, but you can also filter by fundraiser or team, too, to see only those donations from a specific fundraiser page or team campaign. We’ve simplified the screen view of your donor data to show the most important information, but you can still download the full donation details as a .CSV file to view fees, address information and more.

You can also sort by donation type, meaning you can filter to show only recurring donations, offline donations or refunded donations. This is useful for accounting reconciliation, and to segment out different types of donors for future appeals.

Matching Grants

Matching grants are an important of growing your major donor or corporate partnership program. You can add and edit matching grants on Mightycause. We’ve included matching grants in the Donations management section to make it easier to find and manage your matching grants. You can find all your previous and current matching grants in one place on the Matching Grants page, to help you better manage your matching grants information.

With the matching grants display on Mightycause, you can also decide what time to start and end the grant (please note that times are in ET). You can also choose whether or not to include the matching grant value in your organization’s displayed total raised, helping you manage the online/offline donations even more easily.

Disbursement Information

In the Disbursements page, admins can see all disbursements to date sent to their Organization, the status of each disbursement, and the method of disbursement. We’ve rearranged the Disbursements tab to make it easier than ever to view your disbursement details.

You can easily change your disbursement address in this tab by clicking “Disbursement Settings”, then scrolling to the bottom and selecting “Update Address.” Then, just fill out the form and our support team will process your request!

You can also update your disbursement method by setting up an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to get your payments at twice the frequency, with no paper hassle. Set up EFT by clicking on “Disbursement Settings”, and then the “Manage EFT” button. While checks are disbursed on the tenth of the month, EFTs are deposited twice monthly: on the 10th and the 25th of the month.

Click on a specific disbursement date to view a more detailed breakdown of the disbursement report. This report indicates additional adjustments such as Giving Event prize money, tips passed along from fundraiser organizers, and promotional adjustments.

Donor Display

One of the hallmarks of success in online fundraising comes from engagement. On Mightycause’s fundraising websites for organizations, there are many ways to engage and steward donors and supporters. Now, you can display your donors on the left-hand side of your page. Not ready to share their support with the world? You can hide this section from your page by visiting Page Settings under the Profile tab and turning the Donors Display toggle to “off”.

Additional Settings

Don’t forget to visit Donor Experience for even more customization opportunities. In this tab, you can customize your thanks, create or manage your customized donation levels and more.

For instance, you may want to collect your donor’s addresses. By default, all organizations are opted out of receiving this information, since it may act as a barrier for donors to complete their donation. You can opt back in at anytime by visiting Settings and scrolling to the section titled “Data Collection.” Then just toggle the switch to “on” for Address Collection.


Have questions about new features, or having trouble finding something on the fundraising website for your nonprofit? Be sure to reach out to our support staff at support@mightycause.com for more helpful tips and to help you access your organization’s information.