Whether you’re new to online fundraising or have an established strategy, a fundraising subscription plan is likely something you’ve considered at some point for your nonprofit. Mightycause has worked with thousands of nonprofits, from large international organizations to small, local nonprofits, helping them with their online fundraising strategy.

In its 15 years as the leader in online fundraising platforms for nonprofits, Mightycause has culled together a team of nonprofit fundraising professionals to help nonprofits think about their long-term plans, as well as best practices for their short-term campaigns. From our team’s time helping nonprofits, we’ve learned that there is no “one size fits all” solution for online fundraising.

Mightycause Choices for Subscription Plans

After years of learning the ins and outs of online fundraising strategy, Mightycause’s pricing is based on one golden truth: Nonprofits should be able to choose what works best for their nonprofit, especially when it affects their bottom line.

That’s why Mightycause has created 2 fundraising subscription plan options, Essentials and Advanced, to fit nonprofits of all sizes and help them meet their fundraising needs by providing the best value in the market. But how do you know which plan is right for you?

Essentials Fundraising Subscription

With Mightycause Essentials you will get a powerful set of tools to amplify your organizations fundraising. Mightycause campaigns will give you the ability to create unlimited fundraisers and team campaigns in addition to your year round donation portal, allowing your organization the flexibility to set up both crowdfunding and peer to peer fundraising. This also includes direct social media sharing with Twitter and Facebook as well as the ability to embed a widget on your website allowing for donors to donate directly via your website!

Managing donor reports can be a time consuming process but it doesn’t have to be with Mightycause! Included with Essentials is the ability to manage your donors and donation reports. You will have access to reports for online donors, offline donors (donations made outside our platform), donor retention, and recurring donors. Additionally with our Supporters tool you will have the ability to view donor records and look at their history over time.

Customer support is always important and Mightycause agrees! Essentials will provide priority customer support allowing you to receive help with any issues you may have quickly from the Mightycause support team.

The Essentials subscription is offered at the low price of $59 a month for an annual subscription or $69 a month for a monthly subscription which is great for an organization tight on money looking for powerful tools!

Advanced Fundraising Subscription

The Advanced subscription introduces some more powerful tools for your organization. It includes our full Supporters CRM system that allows for donor profile management, segmenting, and email marketing all within Mightycause! You will also be able to import any records you already have so you wont miss a beat!

Run fundraising events with your organization? Look no further than Mightycause events available with Advanced. Build event pages with the capability for peer to peer fundraising, event registration, and sponsorship all connected to one page!

Using apps you would like to link to Mightycause? Integrations allow for powerful connections with commonly used applications for nonprofits. Mightycause has direct API integrations with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Slack, and Google Analytics allowing for data transfer between our systems to make your life easier! Through Zapier we also have 1000’s of additional app integrations from CRMs to Accounting software and more. Save time by setting up integrations that do the work for you!

Want to upgrade and customize the donation experience on your organization’s website? With Advanced you can create a custom embeddable donation form for supporters to donate directly on your website. You can customize the entire checkout providing questions for information you would like to collect and brand your tax receipts. These tools are invaluable to helping provide consistency for year-round online fundraising.

Text-to-Give is another powerful feature included which will allow your donors the ability to text in their donations via their phone. You will be able to set up as many text keywords as you want and attach them to corresponding fundraising campaigns for a powerful new way to donate!

If that wasn’t enough Advanced also includes an account manager from Mightycause that will assist you with all your customer support needs. Our account managers will assist with anything from troubleshooting an issue and answer questions, to walking through your fundraising plans with you!

The Advanced subscription is offered at $99 a month for an annual subscription and $119 a month for a monthly subscription which is a great value for the powerful features included!

Annual or Monthly Subscription?

Here at Mightycause we like give organizations flexible options for our subscriptions! A monthly subscription for either Essentials or Advanced allows your organization the flexibility to only sign up when you are actively using our platform. Do you run a 3 month campaign each year? Sign up for three months to use our tools and you can always get back on a subscription at a later date! Plan on using us year round? Take advantage of the discounted annual subscription rate and give your organization access to our tools on a yearly basis!

You view all the pricing information for these plans here!

Which fundraising subscription plan is right for me? 

Deciding which plan is right for you will come down to what needs your organization has and which plan fulfills them. For organizations looking to have fundraising and reporting capabilities, the Essentials plan is a great take off point to get the ball rolling fundraising and managing donor data. For organizations looking for deeper donor management and tools to streamline and enhance their fundraising, Advanced can upgrade from your current process and allow for larger Event campaigns, integrations, and full CRM management.

Interested? Set up a demo here with one of our Team members here to get a demo and discuss which fundraising subscription plan works for you! You can also take advantage of a 2 week free trial for your organization to test out all the tools to see whether Advanced or Essentials is a good fit for you! You can access your trial while logged in under settings, and plan management.



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