Want to know a BIG nonprofit secret? The key to getting donors to give again is to thank them! It’s true – when you thank #GivingTuesday donors, they’ll be more likely to return before the end of the year to make another donation.

While Mightycause gives donors a tax receipt for their donation to your nonprofit on the platform, it’s important to take steps to personalize the acknowledgment. First, make sure to visit your “Thank You” section in your nonprofit’s page settings to personalize the message each donor will receive with their receipt.

Once you do that, you’ve already taken a step to creatively thank your donors for their gift! But, #GivingTuesday is a special movement — a day for individuals to take time out of the busy holiday season and support causes for their good work. So, how can you thank #GivingTuesday donors in a creative and meaningful way? It’s easy!

Here are 5 creative ways to thank #GivingTuesday donors:

Create a thank-you video.

You don’t need to be a cinematographer– or even need to hire one!– to make a great video to thank donors. All you need these days is a smartphone (make sure it’s shooting in landscape mode and not portrait) and an app – try a free app or one like Videoshop for $1.99 on iTunes – then, you can add music, text and cut together pieces of the video to make something special for donors.

Make sure to make your thank you specific enough to be meaningful, but general enough to use on a variety of platforms. So, instead of mentioning the campaign dates or funds raised, think of something tangible that they helped make possible. For instance, if they helped make it possible to build a new wing of a hospital in Uganda, let them know in the video and show them the impact of what they made possible with blueprints, a thank you shout-out from patients or loved ones, and more. You can even add this video to your Custom Thank You in the Organization Settings on Mightycause to maximize what they’re seeing.

Here’s a great #GivingTuesday thank you video from Toucan Rescue Ranch:

Host a “virtual donor wall” on your website.

Donor walls are a great way to thank high-profile donors for their gift … if they frequent your facility or your facility is easy to get to for a visit. An easy, low-cost solution for out-of-town donors or a facility that doesn’t have a lot of traffic? Create a donor wall on your website!

All you need is to create a new webpage on your website. Then, just add it to your navigation bar on your website. Consider adding new donors each quarter or year to keep the page fresh and encourage supporters to view it often. Include a link in a thank-you email and in your annual report so donors can view their recognition on the website.

Make them part of your next appeal.

Make your donors feel like part of your mission and part of the work you’re doing by including their testimonial in your next appeal. Ask them to write a blog post about why they donate, or ask them to “sign” your next email appeal you plan to send to donors. You could even ask them to film a mini interview to share on social media.

While it may seem like you’re asking a lot of donors, you may be surprised about what an honor it feels like to be included in a fundraising appeal or asked to share your story. Engaged donors feel a loyalty to your organization, and they’ll want to help you get loyalty from other donors, too!

thank #GivingTuesday donors
Testimonials were a key part of Institute for the Musical Arts’ strategy in 2016

Send a thank-you letter from someone they helped.

If you’re a service-based nonprofit, the sky’s the limit with personalized thank you letters. If you serve kids, ask them to draw pictures for your next donor thank-you letter. If your organization is an animal rescue, share photos of some of the animals at your rescue with your thank-you letter (or draw a paw print on the card and sign their name!).

The more unique your approach to thank-you letters, the more likely your donors are to remember this thoughtful thank-you and be impelled to donate again. Plus, this gives them something tangible to share with their friends and family to encourage them to donate, too.

Invite them to a holiday party, open house or appreciation event.

Host an open house for donors where you give a tour of your facility and show your work in action. Individuals outside of your day-to-day activities can’t fully grasp the work you do unless you show them visually. Showing them the work that goes into making your mission possible will help them gain a better understanding.

You don’t have to make an extravagant event to thank donors – they want to see their donation go towards your good work, instead of swanky goody bags for an appreciation event. So, invite them for an open house event with some light appetizers and give them a tour they’ll remember forever, instead!

Or, invite them to your next planned event – whether it’s an end-of-year holiday party or a donor appreciation event. Including them at in-person gatherings will make them feel more connected to your mission, and they’ll be able to tell their friends about their personal experience, which can help solidify their loyalty.

thank #GivingTuesday donors

There are tons of ways to thank #GivingTuesday donors – from shout-outs on social media to handwritten letters. Remember that other nonprofits are thanking your donors, too, so use these tips to make your thank you stand out from the rest!

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