On January 18th Amazon announced that their program AmazonSmile will end February 20, 2023. Will this be effecting your organization? 

This can be stressful as you calculate the loss AmazonSmile ending may bring to your nonprofit. 

All in all, the program has been in operation since 2013, donating 0.5% of eligible Amazon purchases to a charity of the shopper’s choice. In an NPR article, according to Amazon, the program has donated over $400 million to U.S. charities and more than $449 million globally. 

Basically, in the nonprofit sector these kinds of donations are often called “Shop for Good.” This phrase explains programs that recruit retailers to donate a percentage of their purchases to the shopper’s chosen charity. These gifts often coin the terms micro-donations or micro-philanthropy, as they allow low-capacity donors to support causes in small ways while purchasing their everyday items. 

In only a few weeks Amazonsmile will no longer be an option for nonprofits currently using this fundraising tool. Unfortunately, organizations will need to proactively move their fundraising over to another platform. At times, technology can be unpredictable, but with smart moves it won’t deter your goals or growth. 

“When thinking of fundraising, it’s important to remember the i’s stand for innovation and inspiration, not impossible.”  – Unknown 

Try Mightycause to Replace AmazonSmile

Unlike AmazonSmile, serving the nonprofit sector is at the core of Mightycause. It is what we did first, and it’s what we continue to do best! Nonprofits can invest the time and effort in using Mightycause without worrying about us closing up shop. We aren’t a program in a corporate company. Helping you fundraise is our backbone, it is what we do! We are employee-owned, and not obligated to venture capitalists, so we’re able to focus on providing the best products and services possible for nonprofits.  Since 2006 we been here, dedicated to helping nonprofits and we aren’t going anywhere. We’ve got the features your nonprofit needs and our goal is to help you succeed.  

While it may seem daunting to be forced to make a change, we encourage you to think about this as an opportunity. Many nonprofits have far too may options cluttering up their donation page, and by listing AmazonSmile on their website, they might have been giving donors the option to give less unintentionally. The percentage of funds donated to a nonprofit per Amazon purchase was often not material or meaningful, but the donor may have felt that they had done their part. Use this forced change as a chance to re-evaluate your organizations donation page to make sure you have one single, clear call to action that is customized and branded for your nonprofit. With Mightycause, there are multiple tools you can use to build your donation page. 

What Mightycause Has to Offer

Our Mightycause fundraising platform has everything nonprofits need to fundraise, manage donors, and grow their organizations. We’re an all-in-one fundraising suite with plans to suit every nonprofit and every budget. 

Embeddable Donation Form

Our most highly recommended tool for a powerful donation form on your website is the Mightycause Embeddable Donation Form. This Embeddable Form, available on our Essentials or Accelerate plan, allows your nonprofit to customize the giving experience on your website, while having the benefit of a tested, mobile responsive and secure form.

Donation buttons and widgets

We’ve got donation solutions for every situation, so your nonprofit never misses an opportunity to grow. On Mightycause, donors can set up recurring donations, and you have the flexibility to collect the data need from your donors. For this purpose your nonprofit can choose from a donation button, an embeddable donation widget that allows users to complete donations without ever leaving your website.

Mightycause’s donation widget.

Recurring donation management 

Recurring donations are what make nonprofits sustainable. With losing access to a tool like Amazonsmile, now may be just the right time to consider building a recurring giving campaign where your nonprofit can better predict the fundraising dollars that will come in on a monthly basis.  Our goal at Mightycause is to facilitate bringing recurring donors in and making it easy to manage their donation.

Donors can easily set up recurring donations that withdraw automatically from the account they choose. Donors can change the date, change the amount of their donation, and easily change or update their card through their Mightycause account. Moreover, your nonprofit has access to recurring donation reports, full ownership of your donor data, and full donor management with our CRM. Never lose donations because of a technical issue. We let you both know if there’s an issue with processing the payment because of credit card expiration, etc.


Unlimited campaigns & year-round fundraising 

We’ve created a suite of products for nonprofits to support fundraising year-round. With an Accelerate subscription, your nonprofit has access to unlimited campaigns. That means you can run as many fundraising campaigns, team fundraisers, peer-to-peer fundraisers and events (with our Eventbrite integration) as you want.

We also give nonprofits access to an organization profile that acts as a hub for your fundraising activities. Additionally, highlight campaigns, tell your organization’s story, collect donations, get your biggest supporters to start peer-to-peer fundraisers, build teams to make a larger impact and more!

Robust reporting and analytics

Nonetheless, Mightycause believes that your donor data is yours. As part of that, we’ve built tools that will help you track, manage and interpret your data to monitor your fundraising health. You can customize and access key performance indicators on your Overview screen. With that said, we’ve got donation reports, a recurring donation report, a donor retention report, disbursement reports, and more. It’s all available right from your organization’s dashboard.

Whether you decide to find another ‘shop for good’ option or subscribe to one of our subscription packages, hope is not lost. Amazon making this decision will not deter your organization from continuing to make an impact. Your nonprofit can move forward without worry. 

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