Transitioning to a new fundraising platform is always a challenge, especially if active campaigns are a part of that transition. Find out how Mightycause helped National Foundation For Transplants efficiently transition over 1000 campaigns to their new platform.

National Foundation for Transplants was on a time crunch for a new platform when their current platform was ending service. After viewing a demo of the Mightycause Advanced software, they knew it would be able to enhance their fundraising process. But there was an additional problem they needed to deal with. They also needed a platform that could transition all their live campaigns seamlessly so there was no lag in the ability to collect donations.

Fundraising Process and Transition

National Foundation for Transplants fundraises with a two pronged approach. One method is to collect donations year round for their “greatest need” fund which are unrestricted funds that can be used to benefit any transplant patient. The second method is creating and maintaining individual fundraising pages for each transplant patient. These pages are very important for the patients ability to receive a transplant.

Since National Foundation for Transplants already had over 1000 campaigns live on their previous platform it was important that they did not lose the ability to collect donations when migrating their campaigns. This process required the content, stories and historical donation data from the campaigns to be migrated into Mightycause. Mightycause worked with National Foundation for Transplants and was able to get everything migrated with no pause in fundraising!

How Mightycause Improved National Foundation For Transplants Fundraising Process

With their campaigns and data moved over the transition was only halfway done. Mightycause was also able to enhance some of National Foundation for Transplants processes that had been more cumbersome on their previous platform.

Having the ability to control their branding was a very important need. Mightycause provided the ability to have a search portal and landing page connected to their website. This made the process of connecting donors to patients more streamlined. The portal also serves as a place for patients to enroll so they can begin fundraising as well.

A look at National Foundation for Tranplants Mightycause Portal

On their previous platform Campaign Management had been an issue due to the lack of administrative ability to work on campaigns. Transplants patients may need to fundraise over long periods of time, starting and stopping as needed. Because of this the ability to make adjustments and updates is crucial. Mightycause campaign editing was a time savor that helped National Foundation for Transplants train patients and assist with any edits they needed to make to their campaigns.

Mightycause import and export tools allow for easy export and upload of information to and from the platform. It is important to be able to easily communicate data between systems. Using Mightycause the National Foundation for Transplants have streamlined their data flow to other applications.

Customer service on their previous platform did not have a dedicated support member to help answer questions. This caused some problems with continuity between the platforms support and their organization. Using Mightycause Advanced an account manager is provided to organizations to communicate any of their support questions too. The ability to develop familiarity with customer support with an account manager has resulted in improved support for National Foundation for Transplants.


Since joining Mightycause National Foundation for Transplants has grown to over 1400 active campaigns on the platform and has raised over a million dollars in donations! This success has helped their organization gather donations, provide services to patients in need of transplants, and saved time so they can continue to grow their organization.

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