#GivingTuesday is one of the most important fundraising days of the year, but just because it’s an important campaign doesn’t mean your nonprofit has to re-invent the wheel, or try every angle of fundraising strategy to consider your campaign a success. We’ve outlined our top recommendations to add-on to your existing campaign, we encourage you to choose JUST 1 and make the most of it.

Add a Matching Grant

Why? Adds urgency and extra impact on a day when donors have lots of choices. They want to make their dollars go furthest. 

How to use it? Ask a close supporter, board member or corporate partner. Add it to emails and social and your mightycause page. Provide updates on progress throughout. 

Best For: Organizations that are looking for a simple spark.

Pro-Tip: Don’t just offer a 1-1 match, go for something creative like a Triple match, or a match that you only unlock with 50 donors, or match the first $50 of every gift. This will help your match stand out on a busy day, and can help you achieve specific campaign goals and targets. 


Encourage Recurring Donations

Why? Recurring donations mean stable income, letting you plan better and ensuring a solid foundation for your fundraising strategy. It’s the lifeline for organizations aiming for long-term impact.

How to use it? Feature recurring options on your site, emails, and social media. Highlight the lasting change donors can achieve over time vs a one-off donation. Keep the process easy and allow donors to manage contributions effortlessly.

Best For: Organizations focused on sustained funding. Ideal for causes needing ongoing support, like education or healthcare for example. 

Pro-Tip: Make it exclusive! Create a “Monthly Impact Club” with special perks to recognize and reward recurring donors.


Activate Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers

Why? It’s a friend-to-friend approach, expanding your reach and tapping into new donor circles. People trust their pals, making peer-to-peer a potent strategy.

How to use it? Urge supporters to share personal stories on their Mightycause page. Provide tools and guidance to get their personal message across and amplify their efforts on social media and via email.

Best For: Causes that resonate personally. Also great for causes that have a younger base of supporters who are committed but don’t have the ability to make high dollar gifts.

Pro-Tip: Kick off with an event, celebrate achievements, and add friendly challenges to keep the excitement alive.


Improve Donor Retention

Why? It’s a cost-effective fundraising strategy and builds long-term success. Keeping donors happy and engaged pays off in loyalty and increased contributions.

How? Personalize thank-you emails, share updates on impact, and seek feedback. Tailor your communication based on donor preferences.

Best For: Organizations looking to focus on fundraising efficiency. A fundraiser wanting to impress their board with above-average retention stats that lead to long-term donor support.

Pro-Tip: Create a donor nurture plan with regular touch points. Consider loyalty perks and adjust strategies based on feedback and engagement data.


Looking for more #GivingTuesday tips for your fundraising strategy? Check out our recent blog post specifically for #GivingTuesday success!

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