Every nonprofit knows how important the year-end fundraising season can be. A good year-end campaign can be the difference between missing your annual goals, and setting your nonprofit up for a successful new year. We want your nonprofit to raise more funds this season than ever before. So we’ve outlined our top suggestions on the best ways that you can use our Accelerate subscription fundraising tools. Check out our end of year fundraising tips, and then get to your Mightycause page to put these strategies into action!

End of Year Fundraising Tips

1. Let our Supporters CRM tool do the hard work for you!

  • Find your end of year donors from last year and send them an email to make sure they remember to make their donation this year.
  • Filter your Supporters list to identify your organization’s largest donors. Send a personal note, or pick up the phone to engage these major donors during this important campaign. Ask them to give, provide a matching grant or just use the opportunity to check in for stewardship.
  • Pull a list of all those supporters that have started fundraisers or made a recurring donation to your organization throughout the year. Send them a personal thank you and invite them to be involved in your year-end fundraising campaign
  • Dig deeper into email strategy and best practices here

2. Integrate and Automate your data with our Integrations

  • Sync up your Mightycause donation data directly with Salesforce. Add new contacts, or add new donation data to existing contacts without duplication! Save yourself the time and trouble of manually importing and inputting data during this busy time of year. 
  • Automatically add new contacts through a direct integration with MailChimp. Or use Zapier for a number of other programs such as Constant Contact, Autopilot, Campaign Monitor and more. Make sure your email database stays up to date in this busy season of communications!
  • Set up an automated “personalized” thank you email for any new donations through your Executive Director (or Board chair’s) Gmail account. Don’t let the opportunity for important follow-up and donor engagement pass you by!

3. Showcase your brand with a custom donation page for your website

  • Send donors directly to a simple yet powerful donation page with no distractions. Build your own donation page in minutes that promotes your brand, and captures the data you need.  
  • Create custom questions or choose to enable additional data fields like phone number or address to capture more data from your donors. Make sure you get the data you need for year-round stewardship of your donors.
  • Build a compelling thank you page that will start the stewardship and follow up with EOY donors right away

4. Review and Adapt your Strategy with Advanced Analytics

  • Measure your Donor Retention rates to see how many donors from last year haven’t given again this year. Set a goal to increase your retention by year end and re-engage those donors with direct follow up.
  • Integrate a Google Analytics tracking code to monitor visitors, session data and traffic sources to your year-end campaign.
  • See your average donation amount, and the most common amounts your donors give. Use this data to craft an appeal that encourages donors to increase their gift size.
  • Get more tips for using your data

These end of year fundraising tips are just the beginning. The great news is you can access these amazing features all year round! Upgrade to our Accelerate plan right from your profile page Settings or request a demo with our team.

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