For many nonprofits, Event Fundraising is a critical component of their overall fundraising efforts throughout the year. From 5Ks to Read-a-Thons and Galas to Cornhole Tournaments, the scope and focus of your event can vary wildly. On Mightycause, we’ve seen nonprofits and corporate partners host all kinds of unique and compelling Fundraising events. Check out our 20 Creative Event Fundraising Ideas for more inspiration, and keep reading to learn about our new Fundraising Event Toolkits for organizers and participants. 

The primary purpose of Event fundraising is to call upon your network of supporters to sign up to fundraise on your organization’s behalf for the duration of the Event Fundraising Campaign, and there are a number benefits to gain from event fundraising, including building camaraderie, expanding your outreach and reaching additional & new supporters, and increasing overall engagement with your organization. 

Event fundraising that incorporates peer-to-peer fundraising is also a great way to increase donations and bring in revenue quickly. For example, if you have a fundraising event with 20 supporters participating in fundraising with a goal of raising $1,000 each, that comes out to $20,000! Of course, the number of participating fundraisers and their goals will vary depending on the event, but with a little collaboration, you’ll be surprised at how big of an impact can be made. 

The key to a successful fundraising event is preparation, both for you, as the organizer, and for your participating fundraisers! Making sure that all parties have the tools and resources that they need will go a long way to ensuring a streamlined and positive experience, and will help to keep participants motivated throughout the fundraising process. And that’s why we have created two new Fundraising Event Toolkits designed to help you and your participating fundraisers succeed in your next campaign, a “Fundraising Event Organizer Toolkit” and a “Participating Fundraiser Toolkit”.

What is in the Fundraising Event Organizer Toolkit? 

As the event organizer, you’re in charge of building a great looking event page, inviting and signing up participating fundraisers, and supporting them throughout your campaign to help them succeed. Planning for a successful fundraising event starts early, and it’s important to stay organized and on top of the details to ensure that you are ready to hit the ground running when fundraising begins. That is where the new Fundraising Event Toolkit comes in!

In our new Fundraising Event Organizer Toolkit, you will find a few resources and tools to help make your job of managing your Event Fundraiser even easier!

Included in the Fundraising Event Organizer Toolkit are: 

    • Organizer Checklist/To-Do List— your roadmap to a successful event
    • Event planning guide— a How-To for beginners 
    • Email templates— for you to send to your participants throughout your event, including an invitation email, timeline milestone emails, and emails to engage inactive fundraisers.
    • Curated support articles to provide guidance throughout the planning and execution of your event. 


Download your copy of the Fundraising Event Organizer Toolkit today: 

What is in the Participating Fundraiser Toolkit? 

One of the most common challenges that fundraising participants face is determining what to say and how to make the ask. Fundraising can be intimidating for some folks, but it doesn’t have to be! Using Mightycause’s new Participating Fundraiser Toolkit, you can provide guidance to your participants and tailor the messaging to meet the needs of your organization. Used in conjunction with the Fundraising Template feature on Mightycause, this tool will streamline the fundraising process and create a much more welcoming and positive experience for your participants. 

Mightycause wants you and your fundraisers to be successful and feel empowered as a Team or Event participant. So, included in our new Fundraising Event Toolkits, we created a Participating Fundraising Toolkit to answer all of your participants’ burning questions about running their fundraiser and arm you with the information you need to succeed! The Participating Fundraiser Toolkit will help your participants get on the road to raising money for your event, climb the leaderboards, and reach out to their friends and family for support.

Included in the Participating Fundraiser Toolkit are: 

  • Fundraising checklist — a roadmap to fundraising success
  • Email templates — to help your participants rally support, at every stage of their fundraiser
  • Social media templates — copy-paste and customize for social media posts built by Mightycause’s fundraising experts
  • Curated support articles — to help your participants find the info they need, when they need it


Download your copy of the Participating Fundraiser Toolkit today!

About Event Fundraising on Mightycause

The basics are simple: You set up a page for your event, where members can join and compete with one another on the leaderboard. When someone joins your event, they’ll create their own Mightycause team page or an individual fundraising page where they send their friends and family to make donations. The overall progress of your event toward your goal is tracked on your event page, and each event member’s individual progress is tracked on their page, as well as the leaderboard.

The specifics of how your event functions are up to the event organizer. You can raise funds for a single cause, or allow your members to choose their own cause. You can make your event invite-only, or allow anyone to join. We also integrate directly with Eventbrite for paid registrations. 

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