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Here at Mightycause, we think it is important that our nonprofit partners get to customize as much of the donor experience as possible. So whether your nonprofit is on a free pricing plan, or if you’ve upgraded to Mightycause Premium, you will find all kinds of opportunities to create the ideal experience for your donors as they find your campaign and make their donation.

Your nonprofit works hard to get supporters to your donation page. Whether it’s an email blast, or a social media campaign to engage new donors, you spend a lot of time and energy just to get people to your donation page. But the work does not end there. Not all donation pages are created equal. Even the most deserving of nonprofits can lose donors in the donation process if the experience is bulky, with too many questions or it’s difficult to complete on mobile. With Mightycause donor experience tools, you can add questions, remove steps and customize the thank you experience to determine exactly what your donors will see. And you have the confidence in knowing anything you build or customize will be optimized and seamless donor experience on any device.

Donor Experience

Here’s how you can use Mightycause donor experience tools can help you raise more funds:

Own Your Donor Experience.

You know your donors best, so you can create the donation process that will best speak to them. Add custom donation levels at dollar amounts that are relevant to your campaign with detailed description so donors understand the tangible impact of their gift. You can choose to let your donors leave dedications with their gift, or even choose to create designations if you’d like donors to select from existing campaigns or programs to designate their funds.

Your nonprofit can even customize the donation booster experience. You can decide to turn the donation booster on or off, and decide whether you want donors to even see the option to cover the fees associated with their donation. If you’ve selected to have the donation booster on, you can decide whether you want it pre-selected for donors when they reach the end of their check out (making them more likely to cover fees) or whether you’d like to leave it de-selected and leave the choice totally in their hands.

Get the Donor Data You Need.

With customization, you can choose what data is important, and what you don’t need. That way you don’t waste your donors time in asking them for information you won’t use! Get the data that is going to be most important in helping you engage and steward better relationships with your supporters.

All nonprofits on Mightycause can choose what demographic data is most important to collect from their donors. By default, these additional demographic data fields are turned off to streamline the process for your donors, but your nonprofit can turn on any or all fields that are important for you to collect, including:

  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Company
  • Gender
  • Age

With Pro, you have access to even more customization. With the opportunity to custom build any question from scratch, you can ask your donors any question you want, like:

  • Please enter your t-shirt size
  • What is the name of the student you are sponsoring?
  • Are you interested in learning more about our volunteer program?

Preview what your donors will see.

Once you’ve tooled around with your options to create what feels like the ideal donor experience, it’s time to step back and see. Right from your Donor Experience screen, you can walk through every step on the donation process, so that you can see exactly what your donors will see. Anticipate questions they might have for you, and evaluate the experience you’ve created for your donors. You, your executive Director or even your board of Directors can feel confident knowing exactly what the donor experience process will look like.

Donor Experience Preview

Test and optimize for conversion.

Perhaps the very best part of these easy to use customization tools is that your donor experience doesn’t have to be set in stone forever. It’s important to test, and measure your success. If you’re finding that 100 donors clicked on your donation link from your email, but then only 50% of them actually completed their donation, you might want to make some adjustments. Maybe you are asking for too much information during the checkout. You can always remove a question and then see if the results are any better.

Thank your donors meaningfully.

Once a donor completes their donation, the fun doesn’t stop there. The thank you process, both immediate and ongoing, are critical to effectively stewarding strong relationships. With Mightycause donor experience tools, you can customize the donation receipt and create a compelling thank you page that donors will see right after they complete their donation. This page is yours to customize, with a message that reinforces what they made their donation to in the first place, or share additional information about other ways they can help your nonprofit. Add a video from your constituents, or your staff to say thank you in a meaningful way. You can even add a button to send donors to your blog or your website for continued engagement. Once you built your thank you page, and customized your receipt, you can see a live preview of both just to be sure you’re happy with the final product.

Donor Thank You

Build a Better Donation Page for your Website

For nonprofits subscribed to Mightycause Premium, you have the ability to build a custom donation page to host on your website year-round. These new donor experience tools are also available to activate when building this donation page. You may want to ask different questions, or include different designations for donors giving on your website then on a focused Mightycause campaign, and now you can.

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