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Your nonprofit works hard to get supporters to your website and donation page. Whether it’s an email blast, or a social media campaign to engage new donors, you spend a lot of time and energy just to get people to your donation page. But the work does not end there. Not all donation pages are created equal. Even the most deserving of nonprofits can lose donors in the donation checkout process if the experience is bulky, with too many questions or it’s difficult to complete on mobile.

Here at Mightycause, we think it is important that our nonprofit partners get to customize as much of the donor checkout experience as possible. With Mightycause’s donor experience and checkout flow tools, you can create the ideal experience for your donors as they find your campaign and donate on any device. Add custom questions and customize the thank you experience to determine exactly what your donors will see.

Mightycause embeddable donation widget

Here’s how you can use Mightycause’s donor experience and checkout flow tools to help raise more funds:

Own your donor experience

You understand your donors better than anyone else, so you have the power to craft a donation experience that truly resonates with them. Include custom-suggested donation levels tailored to your campaign and cause. Include detailed descriptions to help donors grasp the real-world effects of their contribution. Suggested donation amounts help drive home your mission to donors.

Mightycause custom suggested donation levels


Get the donor data you need

With customization, you can choose what data is important to collect and what you don’t need. That way you don’t waste your donor’s time in asking them for information you won’t use! Streamlining your donation checkout flow will help you engage and steward better relationships with your supporters.

Nonprofits on Mightycause can add custom questions to their checkout flow to collect the most important data from their donors.

Mightycause donation checkout flow with custom questions

The custom questions tool allows organizations to pick and choose from a wide variety of answer types (ie. text, dropdown, radio button, checkbox) to best collect the donation data you need.

With the opportunity to custom build any question from scratch, you can ask your donors any question you want, like:

  • What is your t-shirt size?
  • What is the name of the student you are sponsoring?
  • Are you interested in learning more about our volunteer program?

You can also choose to let your donors leave dedications with their gift, or even choose to create designations if you’d like donors to select from existing campaigns or programs to designate their funds.

Test and optimize for conversion

Perhaps the very best part of these easy-to-use customization tools is that your donor experience doesn’t have to be set in stone forever. It’s important to test and measure your success. Through Google Analytics, you can easily track site and link visits. If you’re finding that 100 donors clicked on your donation link from your email, but then only 50% of them actually completed their donation, you might want to make some adjustments. Maybe you are asking for too much information during the donation checkout. You can always remove a question to test to see if the results improve.

Thank your donors meaningfully

Once a donor completes their donation, the fun doesn’t stop there. The thank you process, both immediate and ongoing, is critical for stewardship and building strong relationships with your supporters.

Mightycause donation thank you page

With Mightycause’s checkout and donor experience tools, you can customize the donation receipt and create a compelling thank you page that donors will see right after they complete their donation. This is your opportunity to remind donors of the impact their donation has made and provide them with more ways to support your nonprofit. Customize your thank you page to include a video or photos from your constituents or staff. Add a button to send donors to your blog or your website for continued engagement. Once you have built your ideal thank you page and customized your donation receipt, you can utilize the preview tools to review what donors will see on their end.

Build a better donation page for your website

An easy and clear donation form on your nonprofit website increases the likelihood of successful contributions to your cause. Mightycause Essentials and Accelerate nonprofits can easily build a custom donation page right on their website through our embeddable donation form. The embeddable donation form allows you to ensure that your nonprofit’s brand is front and center while collecting the data you need.

Mightycause embeddable donation form with suggested donation amount and descriptions

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