When hearing the term Artificial Intelligence you often think of old sci-fi movies, like iRobot.

However, AI is all around us in automation systems and software programs. More and more Artificial Intelligence is a part of our everyday lives. It is not something we should fear, but something that can benefit your organization.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Webster’s Dictionary definition is wordy, “Artificial Intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.” Essentially, it is the ability of a computer to think and learn and in turn help humans with different tasks.

..the ability of a computer to think and learn and in turn help humans with different tasks.

In today’s world of big data, AI language continues to look like the next big thing, but truthfully it is already here. Here is a list of 8 simple AI that you are most likely already using in your day-to-day lives:

  1. Maps & Navigation
  2. Autocorrect & Text Editors
  3. Facial Detection and Recognition
  4. Search & recommendation algorithms
  5. Chatbots
  6. Digital assistants
  7. Social media
  8. E-payments

Will AI Take Your Job?

We do not need to be scared of robots taking over the world or even our jobs. However, as advancements in technology and Artificial Intelligence continue, being aware of how this will adjust, but also support the growth of your nonprofit is valuable.

AI won’t take jobs but it may cause adjustments in how you do your job. In an article by Levity, it is stated, “The truth is, AI automation should be viewed as a great companion for businesses and organizations rather than an enemy.”

With that said, despite all the advancements in automation and AI it is important to know that it still does not have the full capabilities of a human. It is vital to make sure that humans have the last word. There are things to keep at the forefront when using AI.

Can AI Help Nonprofits?

If your organization is trying to ease its workload or reduce tedious tasks, AI-powered automation could be your answer. Many times, it’s a simple process that can change how your organization manages its productivity.

More importantly, AI can revitalize systems when it comes to protecting sensitive information. It means fewer eyes on sensitive data with minimal human interaction and lower risks for potential dangers. It also decreases the number of errors within the workflow.

AI can serve as a supplement or companion in the ways you fundraise and use Mightycause. Whether it’s helping you find imagery for a new fundraising campaign or assisting you in creating content for donor emails and thank you’s, use it to your advantage.

Free AI Tools for Your Nonprofit!

Here at Mightycause, we believe in providing you with easy-to-use resources to help you reach your goals! Below are a couple of AI sites you can start utilizing to aid in your nonprofit growth. Whether it’s in finding the perfect image for that big fundraising event or streamlining those end-of-year thank-you emails, let AI work for you. 


ChatGPT is an AI tool that can understand and respond to human language in a natural way, like a conversation with a machine. The source of its data is textbooks, websites, and various articles, which it uses to model its own language for responding to human interaction. For example, you can ask it academic questions like, “breakdown how deforestation works” or you can ask it creative questions like “write me a witty email subject line.”

How can this be used by my nonprofit?

For nonprofits, ChatGPT can be a useful tool to help speed up the process of email & text correspondence. 


ChatGPT can also be very helpful in giving your nonprofit a jumping-off point in figuring out a way to explain a complicated issue your nonprofit may be working on. For example:

ChatGPT example
ChatGPT example
ChatGPT example
ChatGPT example
Please note that although ChatGPT can provide an abundance of knowledge, it might not be entirely correct. Some users have found inaccuracies and incorrect data in some ChatGPT responses. When using ChatGPT, please make sure to review any data that is provided before using it elsewhere in your content. As noted above, ChatGPT is a great starting-off point for any text or copy you create.

DALL-e 2

DALL-E 2 is an AI system that can create realistic images and art from a written description. It’s like a really smart drawing program that can understand what you want to draw just by reading your words. For example, if you tell DALL-E 2 to draw “sun smiling with top hat” it will generate an image exactly of that:

DALL-E 2 example, sun smiling with top hat
DALL-E 2 example, “sun smiling with top hat”
DALL-E 2 example, cowboy cleaning up beach, digital art
DALL-E 2 example, “cowboy cleaning up beach, digital art”

How can this be used by my nonprofit?

DALL-E 2 is helpful in generating specific images that you may have difficulty finding otherwise. It also provides you the opportunity to bring together your fundraising storytelling and find creative images for a fundraiser or campaign. For example, let’s say you’re an animal rescue that’s planning an annual concert fundraiser. Through DALL-E 2, you can search for something like “dogs playing music” to generate an image that perfectly fits the theme of your campaign.

DALL-E 2 example, dogs playing music
DALL-E 2 example, “dogs playing music”

This image can then be imported onto a fundraising page or any other communication you have:

Mightycause fundraising page example
Mightycause fundraising page


Copy.ai is an AI writing tool that generates writing content for various purposes, such as marketing, social media, e-commerce, and more. It offers a range of features, including content creation, content optimization, and content editing. With Copy.ai, users can quickly generate headlines, product descriptions, blog posts, social media captions, and other types of content by inputting a few keywords and prompts. 

How can this be used by my nonprofit?

Copy.ai can be a really useful tool to help streamline your nonprofit communication so that you can be more effective with your content. On Copy.ai, simply select the type of content you would like to generate or optimize and get started!

Copy.ai example, catchy email subject line
Copy.ai example, catchy email subject line

As noted previously, AI tools are a great jumping-off point for generating content. You may have to do a bit of copy editing, however, it can help create content faster, giving you more time to focus on what you want to say as opposed to how to say it.

Copy.ai example
Copy.ai example, blog intro

“The truth is, AI automation should be viewed as a great companion for businesses and organizations rather than an enemy.”

Although AI has its limitations, overall, the vast majority of AI can help streamline your work to make your nonprofit more efficient and effective. It enables you to focus on the things that really matter. And that my friends is worth all your time!

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