Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU! 

Valentine’s Day is exciting and we want to take a moment to acknowledge the ways Mightycause shows you LOVE. Let’s look at the opportunities that come when you join our platform. Mightycause’s list of tools is abundant and today we wanted to take 15 of those assets to showcase. In other words, Mightycause values you and your organizations, so let’s dive in!

15 Reasons to LOVE Mightycause

Big Picture:

1. Large Impact- Since 2006, nonprofits and individuals through Mightycause have raised over $550 million. We have supported over 150,000 causes and continue to make an impact everyday. 

We aren’t going anywhere, our focus is supporting you in building your organizations and sustainability. Hence, fundraising is our backbone, it is what we do! Let’s do it together, the teamwork is worth it! 

2. Easy to Use, Aesthetically Pleasing- The easy in-line editor on fundraiser pages allows you or your supporters to get a new project page or fundraiser up and running in minutes. This enables you to communicate with ease and make a big impact with your donors.

Our platform is formatted to prominently display strong images and videos on both fundraisers and organization pages. It draws donors in to see what your nonprofit is all about, keeping them engaged.  

“We need to value donors as much as we need value from them.” Reinier Spruit

The Details:

3. Embeddable Donation Forms and Widgets: One of our most valued tools is our donation forms and widgets. It allows you to create the same seamless donation process right on your own website, or blog. Connecting your online presence together with consistency and ease. 

4. Customizable Donation and Impact Levels: You can customize your donation levels to match your organization’s messaging. Add descriptions to help highlight the impact of each donation.

5. Donation Management: Mightycause, in addition, provides a dynamic donation report to show all of your organization’s hard work of fundraising! With this report, you review who paid fees, who designated their funds and much more.

You can also easily export as a spreadsheet. Each time you receive a disbursement you’ll be able to track all the donations in that disbursement. What a relief to spend your valuable time elsewhere. Our platform does the data process for you! 

6. Donor Retention Report: Building your donor retention and being aware of this is essential to your nonprofits longevity. On Mightycause we make a special thank you email, writing a handwritten letter, or sending a specialized newsletter for their continued support an easy process. You can also download the retention report to be aware of how to improve when needed. 

Donor Focused:

7. Recurring Donations: This is a big one. Recurring donors (also known as sustainers) are champions for your organization. They give, in fixed amounts, each month. This is revenue you can count on. It keeps your nonprofit afloat, your staff paid, your lights on, and your programs operating.

Donors can set up recurring donations by checking the box to “Donate Monthly” when they checkout. They’ll be notified each time a donation is processed, or if their credit card is about to expire. Plus, their monthly donation will be noted on your donations report so you can easily track that information.

8. Donate Anywhere: In today’s world easy access is how we live. Making donating from anywhere is vital and at Mightycause we know this. Our mobile-optimized platform means that your donors will experience the same easy donation process across any and all devices. Certainly a key ingredient in keeping donors involved in the work you are doing. 

9. Fewer Clicks = More Donations: One of the main goals of any online fundraising is to connect with donors and increase your funding. The Mightycause Donation Experience allows donors to optimize making a donation in less than five clicks. In other words, the convenience of this process helps in keeping donors coming back year end and year out to participate in your work. 

10. Donor Engagement Tools: When you keep your donors engaged they are more motivated to give. The Nonprofit Times states, “A donor-centric approach to communication and engagement is necessary if organizations today are to be effective in their fundraising.”

That to say, a few ways to engage your donors are the ability to “Like” a donation by clicking on the heart next to the donation on the donation stream. This notifies the donor and prompts them to share the fundraiser or give again. You can also reply to comments directly on your page to encourage donors to continue the conversation!

11. Donation Stewardship: No one loves to do their taxes, but donors know that those tax receipts are vital to getting the most out of their generosity. Thankfully, those tax receipts are managed by the Mightycause Foundation!

An automatic email is sent to a donor once their donation is processed. This takes the legwork out of acknowledging gifts so you have more time on your hands. You can even personalize the receipt with your nonprofit’s messaging or a video message.

12. Sharing Tools: Sharing tools enable you to keep your nonprofit in the social media arena, keeping your work in the forefront. For example, donors are prompted to share your page at various places on the site, providing more opportunities to grow your network, this is a big deal.

Click any of the sharing tools below the “Donate” button to automatically draft a tweet, Facebook post, or email with a link to your donation page. It is that easy! 

13. Amplify your Impact with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to grow your network of online supporters in an organic way. Whether they are Ambassadors, volunteers, supporters, or board members they can set up their own fundraisers to support your organization! Our step-by-step fundraising wizard will walk them through the steps of setting up their goals and get them from start to finish in less than five minutes.

In addition, all the funds will be sent directly to your organization. Plus, all fundraisers will link back to your organization’s page, giving you the ability to engage with new donors and control your messaging on peer-to-peer campaigns.

Must Haves:

14. The Support You Need: In particular, our team of fundraising professionals is here to help you strategize your fundraising goals with webinars, blogs, and strategy sessions. In an article by Social TrendSpotter, “…nonprofits are in the customer service business, which requires a more sophisticated model than the simple transactional experience.”

As a result, our customer support specialists are available by email and phone to assist donors, as well as answer any technical questions you may have about getting set up.

15. Low Cost: We’re proud to compete with the lowest fees in the business. In short,  Mightycause offers two subscription plans for organizations: the Essentials Plan and the Accelerate Plan.

The Essentials plan ($79 a month) provides your organization with all of the essential and necessary tools for fundraising. The Accelerate Plan ($119 a month) provides your organization with the ability to utilize more comprehensive tools and features. You can learn more about the plans here.

Also offering a Pricing Guaranteed Model so that your organization will never pay more than 1.99% and $0.49 for processing the funds you raise. Donors will have the option to cover transaction fees using the donation booster during checkout, ensuring that 100% of their intended donation goes to the nonprofit.

And, unlike other platforms, there’s no penalty and no all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to hitting your goals on a fundraiser.

If you need to raise funds from donors, you need to study them, respect them, and build everything you do around them.

– Jeff Brooks

In conclusion, our platform allows you the tools to give donors what they are looking for! This list of 15 Reasons to LOVE Mightycause is all for YOU. And it is just the beginning.

If you are interested in learning more about Mightycause we have ways to do that! Set up a demo of the features with one of our team members here to learn more. Or better yet, start a two-week trial under the plan management section of your Mightycause account!

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