The most important function of a nonprofit’s website is the ability to securely process donations. And that’s why Mightycause‘s donation widget has been one of our most popular tools since our inception in 2006. Our donation widget offers an affordable, approachable solution for donation processing that’s compatible with any website. The donation widget is often the gateway to the Mightycause fundraising suite and all the perks that come with it. So, we’ve upgraded our donation widget to make accepting donations on your website easier than ever!

The Mightycause donation widget is just as easy to install as a PayPal donate button, but offers so much more. In addition to secure donation processing, Mightycause keeps users on your website, allows them to easily make donations without remembering any login information, and allows nonprofits to customize the widget to match their brand and add custom donation amounts and descriptions. Read on to find out why our update donation widget makes the PayPal button obsolete!

What is a Donation Widget?

A donation widget is an embeddable tool that you install on your website, using a bit of code provided by Mightycause. The widget allows visitors to your website to securely donate to your nonprofit organization while staying put right on your website. No more sending donors to another website to process their gift.

And Mightycause’s widget connects to your nonprofit’s Mightycause account, so you can easily track your donors, export donation reports, automatically send receipts, and fully utilize all of Mightycause’s fundraising and donor engagement tools.

How Does it Work?

Our donation widget is an iframe embed. An iframe embed allows us to load our donation form onto your website — essentially pulling a piece of Mightycause onto your website so we can securely process donations. (And that also means that even if your website isn’t secure, the donation widget is!)

From the widget, your donor can select the amount of their donation, choose whether to make it a recurring donation, add their contact and payment information and complete their donation. That’s it!

Mightycause Donation Widget screenshot

How Do I Install the Widget?

You can easily find the code for the widget on your Mightycause profile. All you need to do is pull up the widget, copy the embed code and paste it on the backend of any pages where you’d like it to appear.

gif of donation widget embed code

How Much Does the Donation Widget Cost?

Mightycause’s donation widget is FREE for nonprofits on Mightycause to use. If you’re managing a nonprofit on Mightycause, you can use the widget!

Mightycause Pricing

Mightycause’s Widget vs. PayPal’s Donate Button

When nonprofits are looking for a tool to accept donations on their website, often the first place they’ll look is PayPal. PayPal offers a donate button that can be embedded on their website to accept donations.

PayPal's Donate Button

Now, this may seem like a simple, easy solution. But a PayPal button only does one thing: It processes donations. And when you run a nonprofit, you need a lot more than that. Processing a donation is just the beginning. You need a way to collect and track donor information, integrate donations through your website with your other donation channels, export comprehensive reports, and engage donors. PayPal’s donate button won’t help you do any of that. But Mightycause’s widget will.

Beyond the PayPal Donate Button: Announcing New Mightycause Pricing

The Mightycause Difference

Our widget goes way beyond just processing donations. Here’s what it provides:

  • Customization: Pull in theme colors from your Mightycause profile to match your nonprofit’s brand
  • Custom donation suggestions: Choose pre-filled donation amounts that are meaningful for your nonprofit
  • Descriptions: Tell your supporters what each donation provides
  • Recurring donations: Enable donors to set up a monthly donation to provide ongoing support for your nonprofit
  • Address collection: Collect your donors’ addresses to send them a thank you letter, welcome packet and more
  • Comprehensive reporting: Donations collected through the widget are tracked in your nonprofit’s donation report, which includes detailed information to help manage your income and track donors
  • Donor engagement tools: When you sign up to use Mightycause and embed our widget, you gain access to our best-in-class donor engagement tools

And that’s just the beginning! Learn more about what Mightycause has to offer to nonprofit organizations.

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Keep Users on Your Website Longer

One of the main benefits of the Mightycause donation widget is that it keeps users on your website. They don’t need to navigate to another webpage, or log into PayPal or any other service, to complete their donations. From start to finish, they stay on your website. And that means that making a donation doesn’t mean hitting a dead end on your site — you can keep users engaged, get them clicking, and have them learn more about your cause.

Keeping users on your website also makes the donation process simpler and more straightforward for your donors. They don’t need to click around, open any applications, remember any login information, or go through the jarring experience of being taken from your website to a new page. It’s all right there, contained within the iframe. And the fewer barriers and steps to donating, the more likely people are to do it!

Customize Your Donation Widget

Mightycause knows that representing your nonprofit’s brand is important, so we’ve made it easy to customize our widget to match your brand. It pulls in the theme color on your nonprofit’s Mightycause profile so it won’t look out of place on your website and matches your logo.

donation widget with theme color exampleDonation Amounts

Your nonprofit takes time and care crafting your messaging around donations, and Mightycause’s widget is here to support that message. Using the Donor Experience tool, you can set custom suggested amounts to tie into your larger message around donation. You can use this to emphasize meaningful amounts, suggest your most common donation levels (or push them up a bit…), or relate them to the tiers in your recurring giving program.

Improve Your Donor Experience with Mightycause Fundraising Tools

Donation Descriptions

Our widget has a powerful storytelling tool baked into it: donation descriptions. Created through your Donor Experience tool, these text fields allow you to help donors connect to what their donation can provide and tie the suggested amounts to the larger story of the work your nonprofit does.

donation descriptions in donor experience tool

Donation Widget Integrations

The Mightycause widget is not built for any specific CMS — which means it can be used on pretty much all of them! As long as you can access the a text editor to add the embed code, you can add our donation widget to your website. That means it’ll work for sites on WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and more.

Facebook Integration

You can use the widget on Facebook as well — if you have over 2,000 followers. This is a limitation imposed by Facebook, presumably to push nonprofits to use their own donation tools, but if you’re over that threshold? You can absolutely embed our widget on Facebook! And, even better, any donations that are made through your widget are processed on Mightycause, which means that you own your donors’ data and won’t have your funds held hostage unless you raise more.

Facebook Fundraising Hurts Nonprofits: How, Why, and What to Do About It, from Mightycause’s CEO

Ready to Get Started?

All you need to do to use the Mightycause donation widget is sign up for a free account to manage your nonprofit!

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