Your website is the first place the public goes to learn about your nonprofit. Years ago, interested members of the community might call you to request brochures about your work or stop by to learn what you do, but no more. We live in the age of Google. Your nonprofit needs a professional, informative, multifaceted website in order to establish a presence in your community. And fundraising should be at the center of your nonprofit’s web presence. Regardless of your organizational goals, keeping funds flowing in steadily is the best way to keep your mission moving forward. And that’s where Mightycause‘s custom donation pages come in.

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Represent your brand

As your nonprofit grows and your brand gains recognition, it’s important to make sure your branding is consistent in all of your online channels. Visiting your custom donation page and seeing that it looks like your website and accurately represents your brand builds trust and makes donors feel secure. Mightycause’s custom donation pages allow you to ensure that your nonprofit’s brand is front-and-center.

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Optimized donation flow

It’s a golden rule of fundraising and web design — if you want people to do something, make it easy for them. So we’ve designed your custom donation pages with the user experience as the top priority to drive conversions for your nonprofit.

Donate from any device

According to the Pew Research Center, one in ten Americans is a “smartphone-only” internet user. That means the days of having an online donation form that’s not optimized for mobile users are over. On Mightycause, your custom donation page will look great on any device because it’s fully mobile-responsive. So, whether someone donates from a desktop computer, a smartphone or a tablet, your custom donation page will look and function great.

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Easy recurring donations

Having monthly revenue you can count on is essential to running a nonprofit, and that’s why we’ve made it so easy for donors to set up a recurring donations. With just one click, your donors can set up secure monthly donations to your nonprofit. We take care of withdrawing the donation each month and issuing a receipt. Your donors can easily manage their recurring donation from their Mightycause user account. All your nonprofit has to do is sit back, collect the donation and continue doing your important work.

Set your own suggested donation amounts

We know how important it is for your nonprofit to be able to set suggested donation amounts. These suggestions can tie into your campaigns, represent sponsorship levels at your nonprofit and help push low-level donors to support your nonprofit with a bigger donation. Mightycause has always allowed you to add custom donation suggestions, and that functionality is front-and-center on your custom donation page.

screenshot of custom donation page suggested amounts

Custom data collection

Mightycause advanced users can add data collection fields to the donation process. This helps your nonprofit collect the information you need to fundraise better and connect with your supporters more meaningfully.

screenshot of custom questions on donation page

You have the option of collecting donor addresses, company, ages, genders and phone numbers through your custom donation page. You can even add custom question to make sure you get the information you need from donors. With custom donation pages, your nonprofit has more control of the information you collect. You can create a form that captures the data you need by simply turning these options on and off in your Custom Donation Page’s settings.

Get your custom donation page

Custom donation pages are available to users on Mightycause with a subcription. For just $99 per month, your nonprofit can create your own custom donation page and access other advanced fundraising tools, such as:

  • Platform fee-free fundraising
  • Advanced analytics
  • Donor records
  • In-app messaging
  • Branded receipts
  • Data integration through Zapier

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Beyond the widget

Since our inception in 2006, small nonprofits have turned to Mightycause for help with online fundraising. And our donation widget has been a vitally important tool for so many nonprofits on our platform. The Mightycause donation widget is a small, easy-to-embed tool that allows people to donate right from your website or blog. But custom donation pages are a step beyond.

Mightycause Advanced graphic

Custom donation pages offer a full donation page, or donation form, that your nonprofit can embed on your website. When your nonprofit signs up for Mightycause’s advanced subscription plan, you’ll be able to create a full page to collect donations on your website. That way, when you’ve created a strong web presence and give visitors a compelling reason to support your work, you can make it easy for them to donate to your cause with a branded, easy-to-use custom donation page. Custom donation pages on Mightycause have all the features our users love about the widget — and then some. If you’re a current Mightycause user, upgrade to one of our subscription plans to utilize the exciting new features our custom donation pages offer.

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