Employee giving is a mainstay for giving events. These programs can be game-changers for nonprofit organizations participating in an event, allowing the giving event host and nonprofits to engage workplaces in their community. They benefit the employees too, allowing them to engage in philanthropy, help their communities, and access tax deductions. But employee giving programs can be a beast to manage, sometimes requiring dedicated employees in HR, mountains of paperwork and a heavy lift from the event host. So, at Mightycause, we wanted to make employee giving for giving events easier. For everyone.

Meet Group Giving.

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What is Group Giving?

Group Giving is a tool on the Mightycause platform that can be used for employee giving, or any group of individuals that want to come together to support charitable causes. At this time, it is exclusively available for giving days and events. Service and volunteer organizations like Rotary Clubs can use the Group Giving tool as well.

Group Giving allows you to create a central page where members of the group can easily find and make donations to charitable organizations. On Mightycause, you can set up recurring donations that can be easily managed through your user profile. And you can even set up matching grants to help drive donations!

Benefits of the Group Giving Tool

So, there are lots of ways to put together an employee giving program, or organize a group of people for charitable giving. (Team and Event fundraising on our own platform fit the bill, for instance.) Why choose the Group Giving tool?

Customizable Employee Giving Portal

Mightycause’s Group Giving tool provides a landing page that lasts beyond a giving day or push to get people signed up. You can customize the page to reflect your giving program’s mission and goals using our simple in-line text editor, add a company logo, and make the look of the page reflect your brand. (And, of course, you can display a fundraising goal if you have one!)

This page acts as a year-round portal for charitable giving, allowing you to manage your program on an ongoing basis.

Self-Serve Donation Management

The Group Giving tool is self-serve in multiple ways:

  • For you: Mightycause provides comprehensive donation reporting that allow you to see who donate, to which charity, on what date.
  • For donors: Donors can easily choose a nonprofit, set their donation amount, and make one-time or recurring donations. And they can also easily manage their own recurring donations through the Mightycause platform — eliminating the need to notify anyone else if they want to update their card, change the date their donation withdraws, or cancel it.

Easy Donations

Online donations are what the Mightycause platform is all about. And we have a donation process that has been thoroughly tested and optimized for donors. Donating through Mightycause is quick, easy and convenient. Setting up a recurring monthly donation is as simple as clicking a button.

Curate Charitable Causes

You can easily choose a handful of nonprofit organizations for your Group Giving portal. So, Mightycause does the vetting for you. We verify the organization and make sure their tax-exempt status is in good standing with the IRS. All you have to do is choose which organizations you want to include! (Or, include all of the organizations participating in a giving event!)

Who Can Use the Group Giving Tool?

The Group Giving tool can be used by any group looking to participate in a giving event to donate to charitable causes. But there are a few groups for whom Group Giving is especially useful!

Employee Giving Programs

The Group Giving portal is perfect for companies with employee giving programs. Mightycause’s tool saves you money, effort, and most importantly, time. You can easily set up a custom page that allows people at your company to make their donations, and then entrust them to manage their donations themselves through Mightycause. You can check in anytime you’d like to make updates to your page, add new nonprofits to your Curated Causes, or add a matching grant. But Group Giving is as close to a “set it and forget option” as you can possibly find for employee giving during a giving event!

Giving Event Hosts and Partners

The Group Giving tool opens up a whole new world of possibilities for giving event hosts. You can engage corporate sponsors in a totally new way! Instead of just handing over a check or sending people to your event site, they can create customized pages where their employees can give. If they’re offering a match for employees, they can easily add it to their Group Giving portal. They can even curate a list of nonprofits they’d like employees to give to, if they have special criteria or relationships they want to highlight.

Group Giving can add an entirely new dimension to your event, and allow you to do even more to empower your community.

Choosing Your Giving Day Platform: 5 Reasons to Pick Mightycause

Key Features

We don’t want to toot our own horn, but… there’s not much like our Group Giving tool on the market. Here’s what makes our product such a standout.

Real-Time Metrics

Mightycause’s Group Giving product features real-time updates — you’ll never have to refresh your page to see your progress bar updated! We provide a live donation feed and real-time reporting and updates.

Employer Matches

Matching your employees’ gifts for a giving event? You can add a matching grant to your page that does the math for you. Our flexible matching grants tool allows you to add your match to your Group Giving page, set up its structure, and monitor your progress.

Comprehensive Reporting

Easily track employee giving with our comprehensive donation report! We give you all the information you need to manage employee giving, in one downloadable spreadsheet.

Seamless Donation Experience

Mightycause makes philanthropy easy! We provide a seamless donation experience for the user. Our checkout process has been tested and optimized to ensure that completing a donation is as quick and convenient as possible. And we also take care of issuing tax receipts, and allow nonprofits to add a custom message to receipts to acknowledge donors’ contributions. From start to finish, Mightycause has the most seamless checkout experience you can find.

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