Hurricane season 2017 has already wreaked havoc on the Caribbean Islands and southern United States. Right after Hurricane Harvey‘s path devastated parts of Texas and Louisiana, Hurricane Irma tore through the Gulf coast and the Caribbean. Virgin Group founder Richard Branson said his private island was devastated. Florida saw record flooding, and the Florida Keys saw massive damage and destruction, according to Gov. Rick Scott. With another storm reaching Category 5 status, you’re probably already considering what you can do to help fundraising for Hurricane Maria.

From Hurricane Harvey to Hurricane Irma and now Hurricane Maria, our neighbors are in need of critical relief funding. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. Relief efforts are just beginning, and may take years. Most of us are left wondering what we can do to help. As Fred Rogers famously said, “Look for the helpers.” Mightycause is here to help you find the helpers … or become one.

Hurricane Irma

Fundraising for Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria

Mightycause is waiving platform fees for any nonprofit fundraisers focused on helping with hurricane relief. If you work for a nonprofit that stepped up to help fundraising for Hurricane Irma or fundraising for Hurricane Maria, more of the donations you receive will go directly to your efforts when you use Mightycause. Other platforms may take a cut of your donations for themselves, but on Mightycause you’ll only see credit card processing fees (2.9% + 30¢ of each donation) withheld, which Mightycause does not keep. Learn more about nonprofit fundraising on Mightycause.

We are also happy to help promote your nonprofit’s fundraiser. So, if your nonprofit is organizing a hurricane relief fundraiser, contact us at We want to help spread the word about your efforts.

Start fundriaising for Hurricane Irma here.

Donate to Hurricane Relief

Razoo has given you the ability to search specifically for organizations helping with hurricane relief. We’ve curated hurricane relief causes on Mightycause, so finding worthy fundraisers to support is as easy as clicking a button.

Donate to Hurricane Relief button

Mightycause is a platform that can be used for both charitable and personal fundraising. So, if you specifically want to make tax-deductible donations to certified public charities, you can filter your search to only include charitable causes. If you would like to help individuals affected by Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria, be sure to include personal fundraisers in your search. Mightycause’s team will be adding fundraisers related to Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma as they go live on our platform. Platform fees are waived for fundraisers helping with hurricane relief, so more of your donation goes directly to helping the cause.

Start a charitable fundraiser

If you can’t find an existing fundraiser for the cause you want to support, why not create a fundraiser? You can choose from thousands of certified public charities when creating a fundraiser on Mightycause. Mightycause disburses funds directly to the nonprofits, through the Mightycause Foundation. That means you don’t have to worry about where the funds are going or making sure donations get to their destinations. We handle that for you. Charitable fundraising on Mightycause is as simple as clicking “Fundraise” and choosing your cause.

Whether you’d like to start a fundraiser for Community Food Pantry in Tampa, or Suncoast Animal League in Palm Harbor, or the American Red Cross, or the American National Red Cross, there are dozens of causes you can support by fundraising on Mightycause. We’re waiving our platform fees, so you can fell confident knowing that the money you collect on Mightycause will go further to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Start a personal fundraiser

Thousands of people lost everything because of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, and this will likely be the case with Hurricane Maria as its now a Category 5 storm. Cash is critical for families displaced by these storms. You can be a lifeline to families displace by these storms by fundraising for Hurricane Maria victims on Mightycause.

Mightycause has partnered with WePay for personal fundraising. With WePay, you link your fundraiser directly to a bank account. If you’re fundraising for yourself, you can link your own bank account. You can also invite a friend to securely connect their bank account. WePay will transfer any donations directly to the bank account of your choosing in 2 business days. This allows people affect by the storms start getting back on their feet sooner.

Personal fundraisers are also free of platform fees on Mightycause, so more the donations you get go straight to your cause. Get started fundraising for Hurricane Maria here.



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