Last week, we announced that our company has a new name and new look: Mightycause.

This is an exciting time for our company, and I’d like to give a little more background on our brand change while answering all of your burning questions about the switch to Mightycause.

Why change brands to Mightycause?

Our company has spent the past two years working extremely hard to transform our products into the most modern and cost-effective suite of nonprofit fundraising software in the market. We’ve radically changed and transformed our Giving Day platform. And we’ve changed ownership from outside investors to our employees. With all this change we felt it was the perfect time to introduce a new brand.

Changing brands is no small undertaking — coming up with a really good company name is an incredible challenge. When speaking with you, our nonprofit customers, we often heard similar stories about incredible work being done for your causes, despite contending with universal resource constraints. Many organizations often referred to themselves as being “small, but mighty.”  In fact, our team refers to itself as small but mighty. So when thinking of a new name that describes our mission to serve your nonprofits, it became apparent that Mightycause was the perfect fit. Mightycause is dedicated to giving you the tools needed to be even mightier still! Powerfully effective and with a low cost.

What was the reasoning behind the Mightycause name change? Were you acquired by another company?

We changed our name for a few reasons:

  1. We’ve been working hard to update and improve our platform so it’s the mightiest and most modern in the market. The name Razoo no longer suited our company and the direction in which we are moving
  2. Changing our name and brand was the final step in our management buyout, which was completed in 2017. 
  3. We wanted to — because we love the name Mightycause and we love serving your mighty cause!

Last year, the Razoo management team bought out the business from the global investment and philanthropic firm, The Legatum Group. We became a mission-driven, employee-owned company dedicated to providing small and mid-sized nonprofits the most modern fundraising software tools at the best value available anywhere. We were not bought by another investment company, or venture capital backed operating company — Razoo was purchased by employees who had been driving the business in a new direction designed to disrupt the value proposition for online fundraising software.

There has been a lot of consolidation in the online fundraising and crowdfunding space lately. In very recent months YouCaring and Crowdrise have been acquired by GoFundMe, Salsa labs was acquired by the Accel KKR Private Equity firm, and Kimbia has been acquired by the venture capital investors in GiveGab just to name a few. These companies are all controlled and driven by venture capitalists and private equity firms, with profit as their paramount priority. Mightycause is now one of only a few major platforms remaining that has not been absorbed by a venture capital-driven business.

We see this independence as a major advantage in being able stay focused on driving our mission of building the best tools for nonprofits at the lowest possible price. After all, just about every employee at our company has worked for a nonprofit, or served on a nonprofit Board, or passionately volunteers time to the cause of their choosing and understands the need for much better tools and lower costs. We do not want our mission designed to disrupt the nonprofit software paradigm to be derailed by potential contradictory priorities from outside investors.

We’re still the same mission-driven team we have been — only with a mightier and more modernized platform.

Does this mean there was a staff shake-up?

No! Mightycause is still run by the same awesome team that was running Razoo for past few years. Our whole staff is still here, and excited about the switch to Mightycause.

Will this impact any campaigns or fundraisers currently running?

Don’t worry: the only change has been to our name, logo, and the look of our site. Fundraisers and campaigns will not be affected. Nonprofit organizations needn’t be worried either — and we’ve got some really great new tools we’re excited to introduce to you soon!

What about the Razoo Foundation?

The Razoo Foundation (501c3) is still here and will be changing their name soon to the Mightycause Foundation! They will be managing nonprofit disbursements and tax receipts, just as they always have.

So, what’s changing?

For starters, our name and our logo (obviously). We’ve also upgraded our homepage to reflect our new brand.

The basic features of our platform remain the same, with new improvements being launched all the time. Nonprofit pages and fundraisers won’t be affected, aside from some color changes throughout the site. (If you have a custom theme set, don’t worry! It won’t affect that.) We do have some updates coming in the near future (stay tuned for news about those!), but all the functionality and features of our platform will remain.

What will happen with links that have been sent out via email and social media that say Razoo?

They’ll all automatically redirect to the same page on You won’t lose any traffic or donations because of this switch. We made sure that everyone on our platform could continue fundraising without any interruption during this switch. A smooth and seamless transition for you and your donors was of the utmost importance to us during the brand transition to Mightycause.

Do users need to create new logins on Mightycause?

Nope! If you had an account on Razoo, your account is now on Mightycause. You can use the same login credentials.

What about recurring donations? Do users making a monthly donation to a nonprofit need to do anything to make sure their donations go through?

Recurring donations will automatically carry over to Mightycause. Monthly donors don’t need to take any action to ensure that their donation will be processed; it’ll be processed on the same day it always has. Users can also still access their full donation history and all receipts through their user accounts on Mightycause.

Is there any change in pricing?

No, users will have the same options they always have. Personal cause fundraiser have no platform fees. Nonprofits have the choice of paying a 4% platform fee (which donors have the option of covering for them with the Donation Booster) or moving to a tips-based pricing structure with zero platform fees. Nonprofits can also subscribe to Mightycause Advanced to waive platform fees and gain access to exclusive nonprofit fundraising tools such as CRM tools, rich analytics, custom donation pages, events and more at the best price in the market! Mightycause Premium Nonprofit Software pricing can be found here. All transactions on Mightycause have a credit card processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

Will giving days be impacted?

Giving days won’t be affected by the switch! We worked with our spring giving day customers to make sure the transition was seamless for them, and our fall giving days won’t be impacted at all … but we do have some great new features to show them that will make running a giving day even more awesome, easier and more intuitive than ever!

What happens to Razoo Advanced Nonprofit Software Plans?

Razoo Advanced is now Mightycause Premium. Advanced subscribers will have access to the same great features, still receive priority customer support, and subscriptions are not affected by the switch to Mightycause.

What does the future hold for Mightycause?

We’re going to continue working hard to provide the best online fundraising platform out there. We’ll continue improving the experience for nonprofits, giving day hosts, donors and people fundraising for charitable and personal causes. Our goal as a company is to raise the bar for online fundraising software while lowering the cost of these services. We want to lead the way in making digital philanthropy easy, fun, and secure while serving nonprofits doing mighty things in the world with the best, most cost-effective technology available.

We’ve grown by leaps and bounds in the past year, and we plan on continuing to grow to serve your mighty cause better every day.


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