The team at Mightycause has been making updates to our platform at a dizzying pace. Since our management buyout in 2018, we’ve completely upgraded Mightycause’s nonprofit offerings. We can’t blame you if you’ve missed a few updates! We’ve synthesized our most essential product updates since the beginning of the year and highlighted our favorite updates, so you can read this highlight reel and get caught up on your Mightycause news in the time it takes to drink your morning coffee.

1. New Event Fundraising Tool & Team Fundraising Update

This is an update our customers have been asking for since the dawn of peer-to-peer fundraising. And we kicked off the year by unveiling the best event fundraising tool on the market.

screenshot of an event with registration on mightycause

Our Events fundraising tool allows individuals and teams to fundraise for a common goal. Users can toggle between leaderboards to see which individual fundraiser or team is in the lead.

Our Team fundraising product is sleek, lean and can be used as part of an Event or on its own for smaller fundraising ventures.

team layout on desktop and mobile

We’ve seriously upgraded our backend tools, making it easier than ever to manage your Event. Invite people to join your Event, message members in-app, track their campaigns, download reports, and more from your Campaigns and Participants screens.

screenshot of participants list on mightycause

Eventbrite Integration

In February, we released an Eventbrite integration that allows Event managers to seamlessly incorporate their Eventbrite page into their Mightycause Event. This update allows users to add ticket sales to their events, integrate and manage Eventbrite registration on Mightycause to streamline workflow, and more!

screenshot of event registration on mightycause

Download Event Handbook

2. Upgraded Donation Reporting

Donation reporting is essential to fundraising platforms, and this year, Mightycause made our donation reporting even stronger.

New Views Added to Donation Report

Nonprofit administrators on Mightycause have new views that allow them to more easily sort their donation data.

screenshot of donation report with new data views

Donation reports are now even easier to read, with tabs separating your full report, recurring donations, and offline donations.

screenshot of options on donation report
Nonprofits can sort their donation report by date range, type of donation, page the donation was made from, the payment processor used, and more. The donation report also offers quick summaries of the donations received for the chosen date range, giving you a quick way to check in on your fundraising efforts.

As always, detailed reports with expanded information about the donation (including any additional donor information collected per your Donor Experience settings, like address and phone number, and the details of the transaction) can be exported for each of these filters.

Recurring Donation Management

Recurring donations help keep nonprofits afloat, and Mightycause has made it even easier to manage your recurring donors.

screenshot of recurring donors reportIn the Recurring Donations tab, you can sort by status (which includes Active and Canceled), Page Type, and Donor Name. That’s right — you can now find that one donor you’re looking for by name! You can also get a quick overview of your recurring donations, and export a detailed report.

Offline Donation Management

Even as nonprofits try to move more and more of their fundraising online, donors still give by cash and check. So, Mightycause has always allowed nonprofits to enter offline donations, but we’ve upgraded our offline donation management to maximize efficiency.

screenshot of offline donation view


Add offline donations, import offline donations in bulk, sort and export your offline donation report, and keep tabs on the source of your offline donations in the new Offline Donations tab!

3. Improved Recurring Donation Management for Donors

The easier it is to update and manage a recurring donation, the more likely a donor is to stick with it. So, to help make setting up and continuing a recurring donation as easy as possible for donors, we’ve made a few key updates.

Person making a donation on a custom donation page on a mobile phone

Donors can now easily update their recurring donation from their Mightycause profiles. That means they can switch their donation to a different card, update the expiration date, change the date their recurring donation is processed, and change the amount of their donation right from their user profiles.

These updates were put in place to make Mightycause the most user-friendly place for everyday philanthropists to manage their charitable giving. And to help ensure it’s easy as pie for nonprofits to stay in touch with recurring donors, they can message them right through the Mightycause platform.

4. Pricing Update and Guarantee

The biggest update of 2019 so far was a revamp of our pricing! In April, we unveiled a simple, easy-to-understand, transparent new pricing structure:

Mightycause pricing options

Mightycause has two options for nonprofits: our free starter plan that gives you access to the basic features of Mightycause, and an Advanced subscription plan that gives you access to our professional-level tools, such as CRM tools, a branded donation page, data integration, and more. If you opt for an Advanced subscription, you can pay monthly or yearly, it’s up to you. Users can easily upgrade their plan from their Settings page.

laptop with mightycause's supporters tool shown inside

Learn More About Advanced

Mightycause’s Pricing Guarantee

When we were retooling our pricing structure, we looked for a way to add even more value for our customers. What we landed on was the Mightycause Pricing Guarantee.

mightycause pricing guarantee

Our new Pricing Guarantee makes Mightycause more affordable than PayPal. The way it works is straightforward: Donors will be asked to cover our standard fee (6.9% + 30¢) when checking out. We have found that most donors are more than happy to cover the fees for you, and when they do, your nonprofit will see 100% of their donation. No matter what your donors choose to do, before we disburse funds to you, we’ll credit you for any aggregate fees over 2.2% + 29¢. That means you’ll effectively pay far less than just our processing fees (and you’ll come in under what you’d pay for PayPal — with so many more tools you can use!).

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  1. Have you dropped the free Starter Plan? I see it listed in some pages, but not on the pricing page ($59 Essentials, then $99 Advanced)

    1. Hi Bob!
      Thanks for reaching out! Currently Mightycause only offers an Essentials and Advanced plan. At this time, the Starter plan is no longer available. However, if you are interested in testing out the platform or learning more, please reach out and we would be more than happy to set you up with a free trial!

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