If your organization has decided to host a peer-to-peer fundraising event, getting your participants to fundraise (and fundraise well) will be the key to your success.

It’s likely that most of your participants are new to fundraising. In light of this, you’ll want to provide them with the proper tools and resources for fundraising success.

Fundraising Success Quick Tips

To begin, share a few quick tips. While you don’t want to overwhelm your participants, you do want to start them off in the right direction. To make things easier, we’ve complied the tips for you. Simply download the PDF and include the tips in an onboarding email or within one of your event information tabs.

Tips for Fundraising Success PDF ImageDownload PDF

Participating Fundraiser Toolkit

Another great participant resource is a fundraiser toolkit. A toolkit has everything your participants need to build their fundraising pages and spread the word about your mission. Again, you can provide this toolkit in a “Welcome to Fundraising” email, on your website, on your event page, or in a fundraisers group on social media.

Participating Fundraiser Toolkit Cover Page ImageKey items to include:

  • Steps for building team and fundraiser pages
  • Email templates
  • Social media posts
  • Tips for approaching donors
  • Suggested timeline for sending emails and posts

The best part is that Mightycause has already prepared a toolkit! Feel free to add your nonprofit’s flare and share it with your supporters.

Although you want to provide everything your participants may need, it’s also helpful to remember that you’re only creating templates. Most importantly, it’s the personal touch of each participant that will connect with their donors and lead to fundraising success.

Download Toolkit

Easy-to-Find Resources

Since questions will always arise, plan to provide your participants with resources for fundraising success throughout your event.

This could be a weekly check-in email with helpful tips and timely reminders. In addition, perhaps add a Fundraisers Forum on your website with FAQs, your toolkit, and contact information. On the other hand, you can utilize a custom tab on your event page. As long as the participants feel supported, there’s no right or wrong.

Pro-tip: Protect your inbox! Use a generic office email and phone number for fundraising participants to contact with questions.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising with Mightycause

Peer-to-peer fundraising events can help nonprofit organizations acquire new donors, spread awareness, and fund vital programs and services. And Mightycause has all the tools nonprofits and their supporters need to get started!

Set up a demo with one of our team members to learn more about how Mightycause can help you surpass your event goals.

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