Give Days are a powerful way to bring your community together. By coming together collectively, you can raise more funds and spread the word about causes that are making a difference in your community.

Whether you are a Community Foundation hosting your first ever Give Day, or a State University with a number of Higher Education Giving Days under your belt, Mightycause can help you ignite generosity within your community. With a modern user-interface, powerful fundraising tools and a scalable and secure system architecture, Mightycause is the leader in Give Days.

The Next Generation of Giving Days

Mightycause has been the leader and industry innovator in online giving technology for over 10 years and counting. Through constant innovation, improvement and feedback from our long-term partners, Mightycause is proud to have the newest, most modern and powerful Give Day product on the market.

We’ve rounded up the most important (and impactful) ways that you can raise more funds during your Give Day with Mightycause:

Self-Serve Give Day Website Management

As a Give Day host, your organization has plenty to manage when it comes to coordinating the day of giving, participants, corporate sponsors, media partners and more. When you host your Give Day on Mightycause, your organization can spend less time managing a website, and more time making connections and spreading the word to raise more funds for your event. No html or web development experience needed. Through Mightycause’s user friendly Event Management dashboard, you can upload photos, change or update text copy, add new sponsor logos and much more.

Showcase Your Give Day Brand

Your Give Day is about promoting generosity in your community, building awareness of your organization as the event host. We believe that your brand, not ours, should be the central focus of the event. When donors visit your Give Day website, they will see your brand front and center, right from your branded domain, through every page they visit and all the way through the completion of their donation.

photo of someone using the Mightycause giving day platform on a desktop computer tablet and mobile phone

With a large marquee image on your event homepage, you have the opportunity to connect donors and site visitors to the very heart of your community. Remind them why they love your city, state or university with a powerful image that evokes the true spirit of your community.

Inspire Friendly Competition Among Give Day Participants

One of the key drivers of Give Day success is encouraging friendly competition among participants. Whether you’ve got a group of local nonprofits all competing for a $5,000 prize grant, or the law school competing against the business school for a $20,000 match incentive, competition drives engagement in your Give Day. With Mightycause, you have a flexible set of prize incentives that you can build into your campaign. Segment your Leaderboards to allow nonprofits to compete against other organizations of their own size, and showcase the competition live on your Give Day site to spur participants to shoot for the top! Complement these Leaderboard prizes with fun and dynamic hourly prizes throughout the day to keep the giving excitement going.  

Give Day Leaderboard

Highlight Your Give Day Sponsors

Your Give Day would not be the success it is without generous corporate sponsors, media partners, in-kind supporters and local businesses that all step up to give back in a big way. Mightycause makes it easy to recognize these partners prominently on your Give Day website so that your donors and nonprofits know who to thank.

The best part is, with our self-serve website management tools, you can easily add sponsor logos in real time, showcasing those partners who are helping this event make a difference in your community.

Give Day Sponsors
Flexible Payment Processing

Mightycause’s Give Day platform is designed to meet your needs. We can process funds on your behalf using our Donor Advised Fund, or give you the option to process funds directly through your own merchant account. Through our DAF, Mightycause can handle the process of issuing tax receipts to donors, and managing disbursements to participating nonprofits to reduce your administrative workload. If you prefer to manage the funds directly, we can easily set-up your merchant account to process the funds, and still continue to manage the process of issuing tax receipts on your behalf.

Modern Mobile Experience

Online giving technology is only as powerful as it’s mobile experience. Donors expect the full giving experience from reading emails and browsing social media, to visiting donation pages and making donations to work easily and intuitively on their mobile device. The entire Mightycause experience, including your Giving Day site, nonprofit donation pages, the administrative and management experience, and of course the donation flow is optimized for a streamlined and user-friendly experience across all devices.

Have confidence in hosting your Give Day on Mightycause knowing that all of the great features and functionality are just as powerful on mobile.

Metrics Dashboard to Amplify your Give Day Results

You plan for months to host a successful Give Day for your community. Now the day has arrived and it’s time to see your efforts take off. But how can you know you’re on track for a successful Giving Day, while there is still time to make an impact. With Mightycause, you will have access to a real-time dashboard with the most important (and impactful) metrics and data points that can drive your Giving Day Strategy. Access critical information including: Year-over-year growth, Donor Retention, average donation amount, donations by source and more. Make each hour count by comparing your results to the same hour during last year’s event. Customize your dashboard with the key metrics that will give you the data you need to amplify your Give Day results.

Host Your Next Give Day with Mightycause

Alongside our modern and user-friendly interface for managing your Give Day, we have a comprehensive set of tools and features that will make online fundraising easier and more powerful for your nonprofit participants. Beyond the technology, systematized project implementation and exceptional support services is Mightycause’s primary focus. From your dedicated Account Manager to a knowledge team of customer support representatives, you and your Giving Day participants will be guided seamlessly throughout the campaign. 

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