If you fell on hard times or needed financial help funding a project ten years ago, you might have called your parents or considered taking out a loan. But no more! We live in the age of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding can help you fund a creative project, pay medical bills, raise money for your education and more. And when you’re looking to start a crowdfunding campaign, choosing your platform is vitally important. Mightycause has been a leader in crowdfunding since we launched in 2006, and we’ve designed our platform with the everyday user in mind. And to make crowdfunding for personal causes on Mightycause even easier, we’ve introduced free fundraising and quicker payouts.

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Free fundraising

Most crowdfunding platforms make it free to create and publish a fundraiser. How do these platforms support themselves? With fees. While it doesn’t cost anything to set up a page, you’ll see a percentage taken out of the donations you collect before they are deposited into your bank account. Fees have been the cornerstone of the crowdfunding business model for more than a decade. Some platforms are unclear about their platform fees, or hide it in fine print in their Terms of Use. On many platforms, you might be surprised to find as much as 10% withheld from donations.

We know how important it is for you to keep what you raise. So, when you use Mightycause for a personal fundraiser, you wont pay any upfront costs to get set up, and Mightycause won’t keep a penny of what you raise! How is that for free fundraising?

Quick payouts

People often turn to crowdfunding to ask for help in emergency situations: an accident, illness or personal crisis. It’s essential that payouts are seamless and fast so you can make use of the money you raise quickly. At Mightycause, we’ve teamed up with WePay to provide quick payouts. No more waiting weeks at a time to see the money you’ve raised deposited into your bank account, or waiting until your fundraiser is over to collect. You’ll get your first deposit in two business days. And set-up is easy as pie: while you’re creating your personal fundraiser, click Bank Setup. Through the Mightycause platform, you can sign up for a WePay account and securely connect your bank account. That’s it! You never have to leave Mightycause to setup or manage your account.

With Mightycause, you can rest assured that the money you raise will be sent to you quickly, securely and hassle-free.

Raise money for others

Mightycause was founded on the idea of collaborative generosity, and we’ve designed our platform so that you can easily raise funds for others in need. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll get the money to them, or being a pass-through for the donations you receive. That’s because you can invite them to connect their bank account to your fundraiser, safely and securely. All you need is their email address! Once their bank account is connected to your fundraiser through WePay, they’ll start seeing the money you raise for them deposited into their account in just days. Raising money for others has never been easier, and best of all, they have access to free fundraising too!

Flexible fundraising

There are a lot of crowdfunding platforms to choose from, and it can be overwhelming. They all operate a little differently. Some are focused on creative projects or product development, some are focused on fundraising for personal causes like medical bills. Some platforms lock you into a fundraising deadline or goal, and some charge a penalty for failing to meet your goal. But Mightycause lets you raise money for whatever you want. Whether you’re crowdfunding to develop your app, pay for personal expenses, help a friend, develop a product or write your novel, Mightycause can host your fundraiser. And, most importantly, we’ll never lock you into a deadline or fundraising goal. You get to keep everything you raise on Mightycause.

You set a goal and deadline for fundraisers on Mightycause, but they can be changed. So, if your fundraiser is gaining steam and you want to extend your date, you can! If you want to increase your goal, no problem. We’ve designed personal fundraising to be simple, easy and flexible enough to handle any kind of campaign you want to run.

Free Fundraising on Mightycause

Have questions about free fundraising on Mightycause? Want to bounce an idea for a crowdfunding campaign off our staff of fundraising experts? Contact us at support@mightycause.com! We’re happy to help you get started and support you along the way.


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