“Bringing the for-profit world to the nonprofit world.”

Planning and executing a successful fundraising event at your business can seem overwhelming, but the key is to identify a theme that excites both the folks within your organization and the beneficiaries of the event. The South Metro Denver Chamber has proven that it is definitely possible with their premier annual event, The TANK.

How the event works: 

“It’s nice to highlight, every year, some of our new nonprofits or something new going on with one of our nonprofits.”

Hosted on Mightycause by the South Metro Denver Chamber, The TANK is a multi-cause event that presents an engaging opportunity for select nonprofit Chamber members to showcase their unique work to a panel of Shark investors, the business community, guests and supporters. This event brings the for-profit and nonprofit sectors of the community together. “Sharks” are representatives from the business community who make a minimum financial donation of $250 to the nonprofit of their choice featured at the event. All event participants are encouraged to donate toward the participating nonprofit of their choice.

In addition to donations, ticket sales for the in-person event and revenue from auction items are divided between the participating nonprofits to increase the totals raised. 

The TANK began 7 years ago, with 2022 marking its 4th year on the Mightycause platform. Each year, Chamber members can apply to be a part of the event through a process spearheaded by a Chamber selection committee. The committee strives to select organizations with a broad and diverse mission base in the aim of highlighting many different area nonprofits and their work. Ultimately, they choose 5-6 nonprofits to present directly to the panel of judges, and 5-6 additional organizations that exhibit at the event. 


“The ease of use helps folks donate more.”

During the 2019 campaign, donations totaled $20,953, with an average of $1,746 per nonprofit. The most raised by a single nonprofit organization was $5,410. In 2021, during their 3rd event on Mightycause, they saw an increase in donations of $4,361, with the most raised by a single nonprofit being $7,055. The 4th year of the event will take place this May. 

In addition to donations, this event acts as an introduction of nonprofit Chamber members to the community at large. It allows both the Shark panel and audience members to learn more about each organization’s mission and the work that they do in the community. The event increases awareness, and the nonprofits that participate have seen a significant increase in volunteerism and donations as a result. 

Benefits of Mightycause for the in-person event: 

“When I started using [Mightycause], I was like ‘Oh, my gosh! This is easy.”


  • Familiarity year after year: The Chamber, participating nonprofits, and donors have become familiar with Mightycause and feel confident and comfortable using the platform throughout the event. 
  • Ease of use for host and participants: Working with the Mightycause account manager, getting the event site up and running each year has become seamless. 
  • Easy to donate to multiple organizations: Donors have found the site intuitive and easy to use. Particularly, they have found it easy to find and donate to multiple nonprofits participating in the event. 

The South Metro Denver Chamber has created a fun, engaging multi-cause event that raises awareness in the community and sheds a light on the amazing work taking place in the local nonprofit space. The participants, panel, and community members all have a great time raising funds for equally great causes!

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