Here at Mightycause, we’re looking forward to long summer days, bright sunshine, warm weather, and of course, trips to the beach. But just because summer is vacation season, it’s no excuse to take a break from fundraising for your nonprofit! Here are creative summer fundraising ideas that will help keep your nonprofit well-funded through the summer.

Summer fundraising ideas:

Charity Pool Party

Everyone wants to be at the pool during the summer heat, so partner with a local YMCA or public pool for a charity pool party. Create a Mightycause page to accept donations in lieu of an entry fee and plan some good old-fashioned summer fun for your guests! Partner with a local restaurant to provide snacks, cold beverages and organize a game of Marco Polo or pool volleyball tournament.

Field Day

Organize a family-friendly field day with your staff, volunteers and supporters in the community with all the traditional games: an egg-toss, relay race, potato sack race, wheelbarrow race and you can make it an event for furry family members too by organizing games for dogs! Just make sure you have plenty of water stations, and tents for shady places to rest. Start a team fundraiser on Mightycause to increase the competition and fundraising opportunity!

Charity Cookout

Nothing says “summer” like the smell of burgers and hot dogs on a grill! Rent or crowdsource equipment, gather your staff, volunteers and supporters, and have everyone bring a dish. Create a Mightycause page to collect donations instead of charging for tickets. Add interest by having a burger cook-off (and create a veggie burger category to include everyone!).

Charity Movie Day

One of the best places to escape the summer heat is in a dark, air-conditioned movie theater! Partner with a local theater to host a movie day where a portion of the proceeds go to your nonprofit.

Fourth of July Party

Everyone loves a theme party, and who doesn’t want to attend a Fourth of July party for a good cause?! Set up a Mightycause page to collect donations and make the event fun for the whole family by holding a patriotic costume contest for kids and dogs! Partner with local businesses to provide food and drinks for the event.

Pie Bake-Off and Pie-Eating Contest

Gather local baking enthusiasts for a pie bake-off … and finish it off with an old-fashioned pie-eating contest! Create a Mightycause page to collect donations in lieu of charging a cover, and assemble a panel of judges from the community to choose the “star bakers.” Have participants bid on the winning pies to make some extra dough for your nonprofit, and partner with businesses to provide prizes for the winners!

Parents’ Day

Parents’ Day is on Sunday, July 23, this year. If your nonprofit serves parents and children, start a fundraiser on Mightycause to raise money for your work on Parents’ Day! You can also host a family-friendly event at your nonprofit, give tours, or plan activities for kids and parents at your facilities.

Summer Fun Run

The warm weather is likely to help boost attendance for a fun run! Keep it short and schedule it for early in the morning to avoid the midday heat. Start a team on Mightycause to increase the competition!

Ice Cream Social

Summer + ice cream = PERFECTION. Partner with a local ice cream shop, or crowdsource the equipment and ice cream, and throw an ice cream social! Collect donations for your organization, spread the word about your work, and enjoy some sweet, sweet ice cream at the same time!

County Fair

Summer is usually county fair season — make sure you get a booth, enlist some volunteers to hand out brochures and talk about your work, and meet your community while they’re enjoying the county fair!

Happy Hour or Wine Tasting

Partner with a local bar, brewery or winery to host a charity happy hour or wine tasting! Turn event attendees into supporters by having a kiosk with your Mightycause page for them to make donations. An event like this gives your adult supporters a chance to get out, enjoy the long summer evenings, and support your work while enjoying some local libations! (Just make sure everyone imbibes safely.)


Swim-a-thons are perfect summer fundraising ideas! Start a team of local swimmers on Mightycause and have them compete to raise funds for your nonprofit. Partnering with a local swim club, YMCA or school could be a great opportunity to raise funds, support young swimmers and get involved in the community!

Farmer’s Market

Farmers’ markets are in full swing during the summer and tend to bring out big crowds to buy the best local food available, so make sure you snag some booth space there! You can hand out materials, meet members of the community, and even sell some swag for your nonprofit!

Beach Volleyball Tournament

Lots of people will be heading to the beach and playing beach volleyball — why not get them playing for a good cause? You can also partner with a local volleyball team to organize a charity beach volleyball tournament. Team fundraising on Mightycause is a perfect way to super-charge the competition between teams and players!

Summer Concert

’Tis the season for outdoor concerts! If you have the resources to pull off a big event, work with local bands to put on a concert! If not, see what concerts are happening in your community and try to partner with the businesses or acts organizing concerts to have a percentage of the proceeds go to your nonprofit!

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is an easy event to pull off that’s fun for kids and adults alike! You could hold a one-time event and bring lots of people out at once, or make it a longer event with items hidden throughout your community. You could get super creative posting clues on social media, using hashtags, geocaching, and working with local businesses to help drive traffic to their storefronts while raising money for charity! Create a Mightycause page where participants can sign up to join the hunt by making a donation.

Charity Car Wash

This old standby is a fundraising mainstay for good reason: car washes are cheap to execute, fun for volunteers, and an easy way to raise money for your cause. Get a group of volunteers together and hold a car wash — you can create a Mightycause page and bring a tablet with you to allow people to make credit card donations onsite!

Now that you’ve got a head full of summer fundraising ideas, go to Mightycause, claim your nonprofit’s page and start your summer fundraising ideas today! Plus, share your summer fundraising ideas with us at

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