On the day after Thanksgiving, take some time to give back and get a little exercise before or after you head out for the big sales by being a part of Track Friday!!

Track Friday is a grassroots movement to turn Black Friday into a day of charity, community, and health. Participants meet at local tracks and parks to burn off some Thanksgiving calories while helping good causes. Runners and walkers are asked to donate or raise money for any charity they wish. There are no fundraising minimums, and participants can run or walk any distance.

Razoo is proud to be an integral part of Track Friday since its inception in 2012, when Mightycause user Eric Rubinson created a personal fundraiser for his local food bank with the hopes of raising $5,000 for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. He created a Mightycause team and invited others to join to help get to the goal, and made a promise to run a full marathon on his High School Track — that’s 105 laps — if they could reach the goal together by Thanksgiving.

The 2012 Track Friday team not only reached that $5,000 goal, but thanks to social media and word of mouth had more than quadrupled it by Thanksgiving; raising over $22,000 for several local charities… and viola! Track Friday was born!

Just four years later, the Track Friday movement has raised over $110,000 for over 80 charities and has spread across the country, with Track Friday meetups held in over 20 states last year alone. In December 2015, Track Friday was featured in the Human Race section of Runners World, reaching more runners and walker that embrace the idea of putting more giving into a day that is often focused on getting.

Unlike traditional charity events that require a fixed distance or fundraising minimum, Track Friday is a casual event that encourages people to give back and participate within their means. That means participants can support any charity they wish, donate or fundraise any amount, go as fast or slow as they want, and complete any distance they are comfortable with. The idea is that every effort counts, no matter how big or small, and that together big things can be accomplished. Here at Mightycause we love the sound of that!

Do you want to be a part of Track Friday 2016? Create or support a fundraiser on Track Friday’s National Team Page. Then head over to www.trackfriday.org to learn more about the movement, find meetups in your area, or learn how to create your own meetup. You can also follow Track Friday on Facebook!

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