Fundraising Just Got More Rewarding

Since its inception, Mightycause has been the leading platform connecting individuals to causes, enabling anyone and everyone to be everyday philanthropists. Peer-to-peer fundraising and crowdfunding for charity is a $2.5 billion industry! There is a lot of generosity happening in every way you can think of. Here at Razoo, at the core of our mission lies a passion to empower individuals, just like you, to take action for causes that move them. Whether you are doing a walk for charity, hosting a house party to support a cause, gathering support for your church or your local animal shelter, raising money for disaster relief, or whatever it is that speaks to your heart, you are going further and doing more. You are willing to go beyond just giving, you are willing to selflessly spend valuable energy and time, and in some cases your own hard earned money to raise funds for charity. Your network of family, friends, colleagues, and social media connections are inspired by your passion and want to support your efforts to reach your goals.

In keeping the fundraiser philanthropist, you, at the core of our mission, Mightycause has just released an exciting new feature that allows the organizer to earn some extra cash while doing great work to support the cause they [you] love! Those who organize a fundraisers can select to receive a tip or small gratuity to support the good work you are doing. Organizer tips from your donors can go towards covering the expenses incurred organizing, the time and resources they have dedicated, or just earn tips for effort spent. This tool was built with the premise that if your donors are willing to support your cause, they may very well be inclined to support your efforts with a nominal personal tip. The beauty of this feature is that it will be ultimately the organizers’ choice to do as they wish with their collected tips. The organizer of the fundraiser can choose to keep the tips they’ve earned, or donate them back to the cause they are supporting!

(Tips are easy to distribute with the new slider option)

As you can see here it is a seamless process. For the organizer, you will be automatically set up to receive tips for your fundraiser (you do have the option to decline the use of the feature or change your mind at any point). Once your fundraiser has launched your donors will be presented with the option to donate to you during the checkout process. The collected tips will be accessible by you to deposit into your personal bank account or to donate to the cause you are fundraising for. Via a sliding chart organizers (you) can decide what portion to pocket and what portion to donate to your cause. Your cause stands to benefit further from you redirecting the extra funds earned back to them. You can keep it all or some or none!

Do-gooders should be encouraged and appreciated. And now they can be. Organizer tips will now allow a little more personalized acknowledgement for everyday philanthropists lifting the world. Go ahead, try it, tap into your fundraising potential now!

Hats off to your generosity from your friends at Razoo.

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