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Your organization’s dashboard, your Mightycause Manager, is the hub of all your fundraising activity. This is your tool to navigate all of the exciting products, features and settings to customize your online fundraising experience all in one place. We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently revamped your dashboard to help you more easily find what you are looking for, and spend more time focusing on how you can raise more funds for your nonprofit. So what’s new? Keep reading for our favorite things about the new Mightycause Manager experience.

1. New Home Screen

Your New Mightycause Manager

Think of this as your warm welcome to your Mightycause fundraising experience. When you visit your home screen, accessible at the very top of your dashboard, you can quickly get caught up on the most important things. See at a glance your most recent fundraising activity. How many supporters, donations or profile visits has your nonprofit received in the last month? Have any new fundraisers been started? You can access a streamlined to-do list, to make sure you take action on any outstanding items you need to take to ensure you’re fully prepped and ready to take donations through Mightycause.

You can also use this screen to catch up on what’s new and exciting with Mightycause. We’ll share information about any exciting new features, or campaigns you’ll want to be a part of (ahem, #GivingTuesday). We’ll also be sharing our most recent blog posts so you can benefit from new fundraising ideas, case studies and success stories from other nonprofits, and other fundraising tips and strategy.

2. Campaigns

Easily manage your Fundraising Campaigns

Your Campaigns screen is your home for navigating, reviewing and managing all of the distinct fundraising efforts that are currently happening (or have been completed) for your nonprofit on Mightycause. Hosting a Fundraising Team for an upcoming 5K in your community? Raising funds for a new program? You can easily access and download the status and key metrics for each of your campaigns. You can also easy see what’s happening with any peer-to-peer fundraisers that have been started for your organization. Check in on their progress, visit their pages and access key information to follow up and encourage them to keep up the great work! With your Mightycause Manager, you can easily coordinate tons of campaigns at once, so get fundraising!

3. Donations, Donations, Donations

We know that what really matters to you is donations. How do you access donor data, and where do you find the details on the funds you are receiving. With your Mightycause Manager, we’ve organized all things “Donations” in one easy place, all accessible through the ever-important $ icon. Beyond just accessing critical donation data, this Donations screen is your gateway to really customizing and managing your donor’s experience to meet your nonprofit’s needs. Through this screen, you can access a brand new set of tools, your “Donor Experience”. This is your opportunity to personalize, visualize and test the donation experience as your donors will see it.  You know what data is important for your organization, so you should decide what information you want from your donors. As a Advanced subscriber, you can also access the “Custom Donation Page” feature to build a branded donation page to serve as a year-round donation page for your website. Needless to say, this is a place you’ll want to come back to time and time again!

access your donor data

P.S. Stay tuned for more information about the exciting new Donor Experience tools coming soon!

4. Organization Profile

Your Organization’s Profile is the same Organization page you know and love. You still have access to all the same powerful features and tools to use this page to tell your fundraising story. So what’s new? The ability to control the settings and experience for this page all through one screen. This also allows your high level settings to all live in one place too, including updating your pricing plan, managing your nonprofit’s administrators, updating your legal information, etc. This new Mightycause Manager should make it easier to find what you are looking for, and give you a more streamlined way to customize your overall nonprofit fundraising experience.

5. Advanced Features

Last, but definitely not least…sprinkled throughout your new dashboard, you’ll find access to all of the Mightycause Advanced features you’ve upgraded to. This includes your Supporters CRM tool, your custom donation page, volunteer management, data connect integration and advanced fundraising analytics. This is your go-to spot to make the most of all of your Advanced fundraising tools.

supporters donor management

Not a Advanced subscriber yet? That’s ok. You’ll have access to see what features are available to a Premium nonprofit, and you can explore which features might be most helpful as you look to grow your fundraising. Your interest is piqued by a feature that looks like it could streamline your fundraising efforts, or help you better manage your donors? Awesome! You can sign up for a no-strings attached group demo to see the products live and learn about how your nonprofit can upgrade!

View the Mightycause Manager in Action

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