Your website is critical to your online fundraising success.

Your next fundraising campaign is right around the corner. You work hard developing a strong communications plan, a comprehensive multi-channel strategy that blends email outreach, social media and more. How much time do you spend ensuring your fundraising website closes the deal and converts those followers into donors? With powerful storytelling tools to showcase your cause, and a keen focus on increasing conversion, Mightycause’s recently revamped fundraising websites for nonprofits ensure that you can be confident in your donor’s experience, whether they are visiting your page on desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Here are just a few things we know you will love about building your nonprofit’s fundraising website on Razoo:

Showcase your cause

When donors visit your page, you want them to recognize your cause and your brand first and foremost. To ensure that donors recognize your brand, we’re giving you the option to upload a sleek background image to set the feel for the page, while your logo takes prominence right in the center of your page.

To further give you control to set the tone for your page, you now have access to edit your page’s theme. This includes uploading a background image, setting a transparent overlay for effect, and choosing the theme color to carry throughout your page. This theme color will tie together your logo and your branding throughout your page headings, buttons and more.

The best part? You don’t need to be a graphic designer to make your page look great. Our easy-to-use design tools will walk you through the process, and you can keep making changes until your page showcases your best design.

Focus on Conversion

You work hard to get supporters to access your fundraising website. Once they arrive there, you don’t want them to get lost on the page and forget what they came there to do. It’s critical that your major call to action ”Donate” is always prominent on the page. On your Mightycause fundraising website, your “Donate” button is right at the top of the page in the center, directly below your logo and organization’s name. Donors will never have to look around to find it. Furthermore, as donors scroll throughout the page learning more about your cause, the Donate button will follow them as they scroll meaning that this all important button will always be visible, no matter where on the page your supporters are.

Aside from donating, there is one other call to action that we at Mightycause feel is one of the most important to be accessible from your page. This is the call to “Fundraise”. Situated right next to the Donate button, your supporters will be encouraged to consider starting a peer-to-peer fundraiser for your cause.

Tell a Dynamic Story

The heart of your fundraising website is your story. This is your chance to convince donors why they should make their donation. Telling a compelling story is critical, but as we all know, sometimes your eyes glaze over when you look at a big block of text (no matter how well-written it may be). Your story section has an in-line editor allowing you the option to easily format your text to create structure, and you can insert photos, videos, hyperlink text and more. Because you’ll edit right on the page, there’s no guessing how your changes will look on the page — you can see your changes in real-time as you are making them.

Ever have content that you want to share with your supporters, but you don’t want to distract away from your key message to donate? You can also add a custom tab to your page to feature any additional content that you’d like to share. Now you can share the details on volunteer opportunities, showcase your staff or board’s bio or take the time to really dig into your nonprofit’s vision for change without distracting from your main message.

Feature New Campaigns

Your fundraising website is the hub of your fundraising activity on Mightycause. From here, all other types of campaigns can be run, both by your organization directly, and by your supporters. On your page, you can curate and promote the most important and relevant fundraising initiatives happening for your organization. This way, visitors to your page can always access the newest or most important campaigns that are in need of support. Whether you are hosting a team fundraiser for an upcoming marathon, or a Board member is hosting a peer-to-peer fundraiser for their birthday, you can ensure the most important efforts are always being highlighted.

Even better, you can use this showcase section to encourage new individuals to start fundraisers for your cause, let them be inspired to take action just like the others they are seeing.

Connect with Social Media

You take great care in managing an active and engaging social media presence to showcase your mission and keep your supporters interested. Now you can integrate your social media activity right into your Mightycause fundraising website to create a more dynamic and compelling case for your work. You can select an album from your organization’s Facebook page and connect your Instagram feed directly so that your best photos are displayed and adding to the overall message on your page.

Plus donors can share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter and via email with just the click of a button from your page.

On top of all this, a live on-page editor and comprehensive management dashboard will make managing your nonprofit fundraising efforts on Mightycause even easier.

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