Employee engagement is a delicate balance for all employers – how do you include employees in your philanthropic efforts without asking for too much of a lift on their part? When it comes to big companies with multiple branches, it can be even more difficult to coordinate corporate fundraising without asking too much of certain employees.

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For the last 10 years, one large accounting firm has created an annual year-long corporate giving drive. The firm supports various causes near their many locations. However, with several offices and thousands of employees, it was difficult for the firm to manage the generosity of their employees.

In 2017, the firm sought to streamline its efforts with an online fundraising platform, which would eliminate the need to track and manage thousands of dollars in physical cash and checks. Instead, they wanted a link they could share with all employees to allow them to donate directly to the organization of their choice and receive a tax receipt on the spot. Plus, they could share it easily on social media and with friends and family to grow their giving.

So, they turned to Mightycause to set up a team fundraising campaign. The company chose to create a team campaign to support 17 different charitable organizations across their service area. On Mightycause, you can support various causes with a team campaign, ensuring your donors have a choice about where their funds are supporting.

Plus, this helped to drive the leaderboard by having different fundraisers support different causes. Donors could choose their cause, make a donation and receive an automatic tax receipt.

Donation management was made simple through the use of leaderboards and a thermometer on the team page that tracked all the donation activity. Plus, the detailed donation report allowed them to filter the donations to specific timeframes and then export as an Excel spreadsheet.

The team organizer also rallied an “A “team of coordinators from each office to help them keep up engagement among staff at each location. Each coordinator was responsible for circulating the link to their office and getting their employees excited about the philanthropic effort.

The team kicked off the two week fundraiser with a goal to raise $40,000. In less than two weeks, the corporate fundraising initiative surpassed its goal and hit $105,000 – more than the total raised across 12 months in 2016. The team fundraiser was so successful they decided to keep the fundraiser open for the rest of the year through June 2018, allowing local chapters to use their page for their on-site events and localized fundraising efforts.

While the firm will continue to fundraise for their philanthropies through spring 2018, they’ve already begun planning their next team campaign and are excited about the opportunity continue to work with Mightycause.

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