End-of-year fundraising is a big deal. About a third of all charitable giving happens in the month of December, making this month a high-stakes time for nonprofit professionals. To help nonprofits start this pivotal month on the right foot, we’ve compiled a free downloadable end-of-year fundraising guide.

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End-of-Year Fundraising Guide Contents

This free e-book contains four end-of-year fundraising strategies proven to engage supporters and bring in donations.

This guide covers all the essential how-tos and shares best practices for success. Here’s what is included:

  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • Matching Grants
  • Tangible Impact Fundraising
  • Story-Focused Fundraising

Our guide will cover everything from the prep work involved in each type of campaign, to best practices, to finessing your appeal to guarantee results.

Fundraising Ideas for Year-End Appeals

If you’re feeling a little burnout from #GivingTuesday and need inspiration for your year-end appeals, this is the book for you! We break down the most successful fundraising tactics and how to pull them off.

Download the Guide

The end-of-year fundraising guide is offered to nonprofits at no cost. Click the button below to download the guide and get your year-end campaign started!

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More Fundraising Resources from Mightycause

At Mightycause, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive resources for nonprofit professionals, at no cost. If you need more fundraising ideas, an in-depth look at running a peer-to-peer or team campaign, be sure to check out our library of free ebooks!


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