We’ve said it before – the New Year is the perfect time for a fresh start for your nonprofit’s fundraising plan! So, now that you have some goals in mind for your 2018 fundraising activities, here are 3 easy steps to get started in creating your fundraising plan and keeping your New Year’s resolutions to keep your fundraising organized.

1. Review past campaigns.

Of course, this should always be the first step in any fundraising activity. After all, if we don’t look to past successes and lessons learned, how can we really know what works and what doesn’t? Schedule a debrief if needed, to discuss.

Some questions you’ll want to delve into during your review: What was your average gift size?
Where did most of your donations come from? When did most of your donations come in? What is the median donation size?

Did you know that Mightycause can automate this data analysis for you? With our Advanced Analytics tool — available with our Advanced Plus Subscription Plan — you can learn in real-time what your average gift size is, your donations by season or quarter, and more! Plus, you can track social media shares and other activity. Sign up for a demo today to learn more about Advanced Subscription Plans on Mightycause.


2. Find your opportunities for your fundraising plan.

Now that you have the foundation mostly laid with your in-depth analysis of 2017 fundraising activities, it’s time to fill the gaps! Learn where your fundraising opportunities are: How do you increase your average gift size? How do you get more recurring donors? When is the best time for you to seek new funds?

Mightycause’s Analytics tool can answer these questions for you, as well. But, you probably already knew that. Focus on these gaps and make a running list of the average gift size you’d like to bump up to, how many recurring donors you want to secure, and how many new campaigns you’ll need to help hit your fundraising goals you set in your fundraising plan.

3. Map it out!

Once you’ve completed the first two steps, it’s time to make a plan for action! Trace backwards from your opportunities and think about what steps you’ll need to complete to reach your goals. Consider all aspects when mapping out your fundraising plan: promotion, messaging, and any emails or direct mails involved in the opportunity. What staff will you need to collaborate with in order to be successful?

Make sure to start carving out time in your schedules to meet and get your fundraising plan in motion. Or, know when you will schedule your kickoff meeting and what you’ll need to have prepped in advance.

Next Steps

Now, you’ve started for your first steps in creating your 2018 fundraising plan, it’s time to evaluate the fundraising features you’ll need to accomplish them. Looking for deeper engagement with your Supporters? Want to consistently track your Analytics? Want to set up a custom donation page for your website? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to explore Mightycause’s Advanced Subscription Plans in more detail. Click here to schedule a demo today:


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