Mightycause fundraising software integrations with Salesforce, Mailchimp, and more offer the ability to automate data transfer and optimize the workflow for your organization!

There are some things that are necessary evils in the nonprofit world. Tasks that must be done, no matter what. Menial, monotonous tasks like moving data from one app or program into another can’t be avoided. Neither can managing your email lists, or maintaining contacts in your donor database, or thanking your donors. These small, irritating administrative tasks must be done, and they must be done manually. It’s just part of running a nonprofit! Right?!

It doesn’t have to be that way! At Mightycause, we think technology should work for your nonprofit, not the other way around. One of the chief ways nonprofits can streamline their workflow and spend less time on tasks like moving data from one place to another is through automation. That’s why we’ve created fundraising software integrations with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Zapier, and more.

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The Benefits of Fundraising Software Integrations

Your time is valuable. And automation essentially relieves you of those annoying menial tasks like shifting data around, which frees you to focus on more important things. (Like making the world a better place!)

Mightycause has been offering automation to our nonprofit subscribers since 2018. We partnered with Zapier to allow nonprofit administrators to set up fundraising software integrations with programs like Constant Contact, Google Workspace, Quickbooks, and all of the apps available through Zapier. The Zapier integration allows nonprofits to streamline their work and create automations such as

  • automatically move new contacts into an email list or a Google spreadsheet
  • automatically send supporters an email from a Gmail account
  • automatically add donors to an email journey in Campaign Monitor
  • automatically account for donations in your Quickbooks Online account

Mightycause Announces Partnership with Zapier

Automation allows nonprofit to respond faster and better to donors, keep your data clean and your lists organized, and can create a more efficient workflow.

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Salesforce Integration on Mightycause

Nonprofits subscribed to our Essentials or Accelerate plan have access to Mightycause’s CRM tool, Supporters. But we know many nonprofits also utilize Salesforce to manage their donors. And we know that moving to a new system can be a huge undertaking that may not be feasible. So, we created a direct integration with Salesforce to serve those nonprofits already using Salesforce.

With a subscription to Mightycause’s Accelerate plan, you can connect your Salesforce account to Mightycause. That allows Mightycause to transfer data into Salesforce for you, easing the administrative burden of manual uploads and imports. When your accounts are connected, Mightycause will be able to create Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities for you. (Donors are Accounts, and donations are Opportunities.) Mightycause can even map data for you with custom fields.

This is a powerful fundraising software integration that can be a game-changer for nonprofits. Our Salesforce integration means that Mightycause can support nonprofits with lots of donors in their database already, as well as growing nonprofits.

How Our Fundraising Software Integration with Salesforce Can Help Your Nonprofit

Salesforce is a big, expansive tool. And every nonprofit uses it a little differently. So, we built a flexible fundraising software integration that will help streamline your workflow no matter how you use it! Here are a few ways your nonprofit could leverage Mightycause’s Salesforce integration:

  • Sync your Mightycause donors & Salesforce contacts: Automate your contact import! When you connect your Mightycause account to Salesforce, we’ll update your Salesforce contacts with all of your Mightycause donors. And from then on, we’ll feed donors directly into Salesforce for you.
  • Create Tasks, engage donors better: Mightycause’s Salesforce integration will move specific information about each donor into Salesforce. With that wealth of information, you can use Salesforce to generate tasks to follow-up with donors that come through Mightycause, so you can start building relationships with them!
  • Take your reporting to the next level: Salesforce allows nonprofits to create custom reports. With the data Mightycause is automatically feeding into Salesforce for you, you can create dashboards and reports that will help you engage donors better and amplify your fundraising!

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MailChimp Integration on Mightycause

We surveyed nonprofit administrators on Mightycause about which email marketing software they use, and MailChimp was far and away the most-used program. And so, we set about building a fundraising software integration that would help nonprofits make more efficient use of both MailChimp and Mightycause.

When you sign up for an Accelerate subscription, say goodbye to manually exporting lists from Mightycause and then uploading them into MailChimp. When you connect your MailChimp account to your Mightycause account, we’ll be able to automatically feed data into your lists in MailChimp. That saves you time and opens up a world of possibilities for engaging donors! Our MailChimp integration also allows Mightycause to grow with your nonprofit, and support you as you grow your list of email subscribers.

Follow-Up with Donors Faster

One of the biggest determinants of how likely a first-time donor is to come back and make a second donation is how quickly they are acknowledged. So, one of the highest-impact things you can do through our MailChimp integration is set up an email (or several) with an authentic thank you for new donors!

Donors can be added to a dedicated list for First-Time Donors, so you can make sure they receive an immediate acknowledgement for their gift.

Create Donor Journeys

MailChimp allows nonprofits to create Customer Journeys that allow you to send emails to people who enter the journey on an ongoing basis. This is a more sophisticated way to communicate with your supporters and keep them engaged. Instead of only receiving blast emails from your nonprofit, Customer Journeys allow you to add triggers and conditions that will tailor the emails they receive to their behaviors and relationship to your nonprofit. And with our MailChimp integration, building and maintaining these journey is a breeze!

Our integration allows you to build Audiences, for Donor and Campaign Creators. You can also use Custom Fields to get more specific. When a supporter enters a list, or Audience, you can send them a series of emails. Here are just a few journeys you could build:

  • Welcome Journey: When a donor makes their first donation, it’s the beginning of a relationship. A welcome journey will help them get onboarded as a donor, familiar with your programs and services, and (hopefully) show them how they can get even more involved in your work!
  • Recurring Donation Marketing Journey: One of the pieces of data you’ll import is the amount donors gave. For donors under a certain threshold (for instance, $30), you can create a journey asking them to consider making their donation recurring.
  • Donor Retention Journey: The date of your donor’s last donation will be fed into MailChimp for you. So, why not create a journey for donors who haven’t given in awhile? This is a way to boost your donor retention without a ton of effort!

Tags & Custom Fields

Custom fields are how you can map data about a person on your list into an email. So, for instance, we’re feeding the amounts of donors’ donations into MailChimp for you. You can use that custom field to both fill in parts of emails you build (if you want to mention how much they last gave), and to filter your emails to be more specific to each user.

Tags allow you to add insights that will help you sort, manage, and utilize your contact list. (Or Audience, in MailChimp.) For instance, you could automatically add a tag that denotes when a contact came from Mightycause. You could even add tags to recurring donors, volunteers, campaign creators, and more.

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